San Jose, CA, November 28, 2006–Proxim Wireless Corporation, a global pioneer of end-to-end solutions in Wi-Fi mesh, WiMAX, WLAN, and wireless backhaul and wholly owned subsidiary of Terabeam, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRBM), today announced its ORiNOCO Wi-Fi access points, which are part of the company’s mesh access point product portfolio, have been deployed for the fifth consecutive year at two European Microsoft educational conferences, Tech-Ed: Developers and Tech-Ed: IT Forum, and for the first time at the inaugural Convergence 2006.

Tech-Ed: Developers and Tech-Ed: IT-Forum, held this year in Barcelona, Spain, focus on current and emerging technologies. Microsoft Convergence, a first-time event held this year in Munich, focuses on Microsoft’s midsize business vision and solutions. All of the networks were managed using ProximVision”, Proxim’s powerful tool to plan, install, manage and secure wireless networks.

Commenting on the choice of Proxim Wireless products and network management system to provide the events’ wireless networks, Gerd De Bruycker, EMEA HQ Events Manager, Microsoft Corporation, said, “Proxim Wireless is a valued partner on whom we can depend for world-class wireless performance. Every year we host over 10,000 attendees who depend upon the wireless networks to keep them connected. The large number of users creates a huge load on the wireless networks, and the Proxim Wireless products work flawlessly for us. Because of Proxim’s unparalleled ability to meet our performance demands, we continue to depend on Proxim to support our events.”

More than 80 Proxim Wireless ORiNOCO enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points were deployed in Barcelona to cover the complete Microsoft event and to provide Voice over Wi-Fi (VO-Wi-Fi) support for convention center personnel. Proactive security measures including rogue access point detection, coupled with secure management interfaces and industry standard Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), make these access points the ideal solution for guest networks such as the ones at these three Microsoft events. ProximVision, Proxim’s network management system, supporting these networks, supports remote configuration and provisioning of the wireless infrastructure. With a strong set of diagnostic features, ProximVision helps quickly identify trouble spots in a network. For intelligent network planning and monitoring, it has extensive reporting capabilities. It also plays a critical role in securing a wireless network with centralized policy definition – encryption/ authentication method, passwords, SSID, open/closed network, etc.

Lionel Chmilewsky, Senior Vice President, International Sales of Proxim, added, “We are honored to have been chosen again by Microsoft to provide the type of wireless solutions required to support events of this magnitude. At past Microsoft events, our products have delivered unmatched capacity, security and scalability, and this year is no exception. We are also very pleased to have been selected by Microsoft to cover all their main European events. We look forward to working with Microsoft at future Tech-Ed: Developers and Tech-Ed: IT-Forum conferences and at other Microsoft events.”
More About Proxim’s Wi-Fi Mesh Product Portfolio
The ORiNOCO enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points deployed to support Microsoft’s EMEA events are members of Proxim’s Wi-Fi mesh family of dual-radio wireless mesh access points. Proxim has sold more than one million ORiNOCO enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points which have been deployed around the world and the Mesh products are an extension of this product family. The Mesh Creation Protocol (OMCP) was added to our ORiNOCO enterprise-class Wi-Fi access points to allow the creation of self-forming and self-healing non-line of sight (NLOS) mesh networks. One radio provides Wi-Fi end user access, while the other radio in the same compact product enclosure provides mesh backhaul. By using two radios operating at different frequencies, system capacity is doubled and interference is significantly reduced. Furthermore, the mesh protocol secures links using AES encryption, supports both fixed mesh (all APs mounted statically) or mobile mesh (in-vehicle versions of the mesh AP interacting with APs mounted statically) configurations, and VLAN information is kept intact over mesh links to enable virtual networking. Another advantage is quality of service (QoS) enabling converged but differentiated carriage of voice, video and data traffic.

About Proxim Wireless

Proxim Wireless Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Terabeam, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRBM). Proxim Wireless is a global pioneer in developing and supplying scalable broadband wireless networking systems for enterprises, governments, and service providers. From Wi-Fi to wireless Gigabit Ethernet–our WLAN, mesh, point-to-multipoint, and point-to-point products are available through our extensive global channel network, backed by world-class support. Proxim is a Principal Member of the WiMAX Forum and is ISO-9001 certified. Information about Proxim and its products and support can be found at

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