ST. LOUIS, Missouri and OTTAWA, Ontario, Nov. 28, 2006–Mitel® is making the grade yet again. The trusted provider of innovative IP applications and solutions today announced that it has teamed up with St. Louis Public Schools (SLPS) to supply the widespread school district with communications solutions to support the education of full-time students, students with special needs, and those who require education-on-demand.

SLPS is comprised of 94 individual schools ranging from K-12, including three special schools for students with disabilities and one facility designed to prepare students with special needs to enter the world of adulthood and employment.

Because SLPS strives to deliver the highest quality of education, the district was seeking a communications system that helps to improve student-teacher-communications with the goals of improving student academic outcomes; enhancing the educational environment; increasing teacher productivity; improving administrative effectiveness; and providing a measurable return on its investment. After close scrutiny against strong competition, Mitel was selected by SLPS to help reach its impressive goals.

“Being a school district which demands the highest quality of education for our students, we are striving to make the learning environment one that will not only benefit students now, but one that will equip them for tomorrow,” said SLPS CIO Terry Laster. “The Mitel IP system is an integral part of that philosophy because it helps to bring teachers, students and parents all on the same page on a daily basis.”

Because so many schools are involved over a wide area encompassing a number of different area codes, one hurdle to overcome is enabling parents to call a single phone number from anywhere regardless of who they’re trying to reach. Mitel Unified Communications, Mitel’s flagship 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) with embedded Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and Auto Attendant, and IP phones will make this possible.
“Education is a priority we all share, and this is another example of how Mitel has the ability to enhance education for our children,” said Mitel president and chief operating officer Paul Butcher. “The more parents become involved in their children’s day-to-day scholastic activities, the better it will be for everyone. Mitel is proud to be playing a part in that success by making it easier for parents and teachers to communicate.”

Unified Communications bring together teachers and parents

Unified communications directly benefit all those under the education umbrella. ACD is an advanced feature package that: provides the capabilities for quickly routing calls; queues and prioritizes calls; improves service by delivering consistent process and service; distributes calls based on the caller’s need; and reduces overall costs, among other benefits.

Teachers reaching out to parents to inquire about absences and to send early warnings of behavioral problems and poor grades also directly benefit the student. Having a dedicated line that informs parents of homework assignments and upcoming tests is another concrete method to enhance student outcomes. Administrators and teachers can have their own voice mail boxes and can receive or leave a voice mail message for a teacher or parent without interrupting class. Either a flashing light or, in some cases, a scrolling text message alerts the teacher, who can then respond when it’s more convenient or immediately depending upon the importance of the message.

Charting a course for change

In today’s multicultural and global environment, Mitel is helping schools utilize technology and assist teachers and students alike, to lay the foundation for developing the skills students need to be competitive in a global market place.
Mitel solutions are focussed on improving student outcomes and are transforming the way people teach and learn with:

*Access to tools / resources IP conferencing and collaboration applications that facilitate interaction and communication among teachers and administrators

*Messaging applications that improve parental outreach and community involvement

*Emergency notification systems that put people and school safety first

*Distance learning and mobility solutions that enhance educational outcomes for students

Mitel also assists learning institutions to embrace a 21st Century Learning Environment with:

*Communications solutions that are easy to adopt, integrate, manage and utilize

*A return on investment (ROI) of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology tailored to enhancing education administrative efficiencies, productivity, and hard capital cost savings

*Funding / financing information assistance

About Mitel

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