Atlanta, GA (November 29, 2006)A new web-based writing program, I Can Write Online, ( has just been released for students in Grades 2-6. Developed by two experienced writing teachers at Shaw-Phillips Learning Associates, this online application is aligned with national and state writing standards and uses unique graphic organizers that guide students through four major modes of writing (descriptive, narrative, exposition and persuasive). The program takes students through every stage of the writing process from Pre-Write to Publish.

Oral and written instructions on each screen provide immediate help to students. On the Revise Screen there are tips for revising using the Traits of Good Writing as well as comments from the student’s teacher. On the Edit Screen, teachers can choose from a variety of editing options on which they want their students to focus.

Teachers like the paperless program that stores student writing on the developers’ server. Students’ lists of writing show their writing process stage, their last update and the teachers’ comments. A variety of print options appear on the Publish Screen. An electronic portfolio of all the students’ writings provides a cumulative record of student’s performance. Teachers and students can access the software from any computer since this is a web-based program,

During development, the software was tested by hundreds of students. Internationally renowned software expert, Dr. Tom Reeves of the University of Georgia stated “It is clear the developers of this program possess unique expertise in scaffolding the writing process for children.” A second grade teacher in Georgia, Holly Clarisse, says, “My students are begging to write.” Martha McCoy, a third grade teacher in South Carolina, comments, The software is practical for classroom use and is easily available to students and teachers anywhere with Internet access. I give it two thumbs up!”

Available on the main web page,, is information explaining the research base, how to purchase and frequently asked questions. You will also see a Getting Started Tutorial that is can be used by teachers learning the software for the first time or for introducing it to students. For further information, send an email to or call 770-831-5501

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