PANDUIT® OPTI-CORE® Fiber Optic Indoor and Indoor/Outdoor Interlocking Armored Cable joins the OPTI-CORE® Fiber Optic Cable product line. The interlocking aluminum armored cable design eliminates the need for inner duct or conduit with a smaller crush resistant pathway for improved design flexibility and lower installed cost. OPTI-CORE® Fiber Optic Indoor Interlocking Armored Cable is used within buildings to provide high-density connectivity and ease of installation. OPTI-CORE® Fiber Optic Indoor/Outdoor Interlocking Armored Cable is UV resistant and employs dry water-blocking technology to withstand harsh outdoor environmental demands. It is installed using typical loose tube cable methods and hardware, which saves space and time by eliminating splices at the cable vault. OPTI-CORE® Fiber Optic Interlocking Armored Cable is RoHS compliant and offered in riser (OFNR) and plenum (OFNP) rated versions, in singlemode and multimode, and fiber counts up to 144 fibers. 10GIG™ versions offer the highest quality OM3 laser optimized fiber to support 10Gb/s applications. OPTI-CORE® Fiber Optic Interlocking Armored Cable is part of the complete range of reliable, easy to use fiber optic connectivity solutions available from PANDUIT.

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