ROCKVILLE, Md. (Nov. 29, 2006) – Owen Software Development Company today officially launched its first software solution, a highly anticipated product suite designed to help students develop personalized education and career plans from comprehensive, intelligently linked multimedia information. Pathevo(r) will be available in eight career track offerings, the first of which, Engineering, debuted today. The other seven, which will be released sequentially, focus on: Computers and IT; Health and Medicine; Life, Physical and Mathematical Sciences; Education and Training; Business and Management; Arts and Humanities; and Social and Behavioral Sciences. These products will cover 90 percent of U.S. educational and career tracks.

“We are thrilled to introduce Pathevo(r) for the positive impact we believe it will have on so many groups -young people who are either unsure about what they want to do or how to get there; school guidance counselors who often lack sufficient resources; and employers who need employees compatible with their jobs and their organization’s culture,” said Dr. Adeboyejo A. Oni, founder and CEO of Owen Software.

In particular, Pathevo(r)-Engineering is designed to address two critical problems in the engineering field – inadequate early academic preparation by students and the resultant high turnover in the first two years of engineering school.

Pathevo(r)’s patent-pending technology uses the student’s assessment results, interests and preferences to suggest relevant careers, employers, schools, degree programs, courses and financial aid options, as well as prerequisites, to help the student develop an achievable plan. Pathevo(r) is an Internet-enabled desktop application offered as an annual subscription service to middle schools, high schools, two- and four-year colleges, and individual users. Students can update their education and career plans in collaboration with parents, counselors and advisors as they progress from middle school through college.

“Countless education and career resources exist for students to explore, but unfortunately many lack sufficient depth, do not link careers to detailed education options or do not offer any direction beyond simply matching a person to a high-level career field,” added Oni. “Too often, this means that students overlook relevant options, prerequisites or make unrealistic career decisions, which result in costly and time-consuming changes in academic majors and even career choices.”

In 2005, the cost of an extra year in college averaged $12,127 at out-of-state, four-year public colleges and $29,026 at private institutions, according to the College Board.

Pathevo(r) was conceived by Owen Software’s founder, Dr. Oni, an engineering educator who has been involved in teaching, career advising and research at several universities for more than 15 years. This experience enabled him to see firsthand the urgent need for a next-generation tool to help the student and counselor make informed decisions about the educational and career pathways that are best for the student. This is particularly pressing in US secondary schools, where counselors advise an average of 550 students each on the full universe of career options.

Pathevo(r)’s Benefits At-A-Glance

Students and Parents

* Empowers informed student decisions and realistic education
and career plans.

* Allows collaboration among students, parents and counselors.

* Minimizes the financial impact on families resulting from
extended time in college.

Faculty and Advisors

* Increases efficiency by integrating academic and career

* Increases effectiveness by integrating industry-tested
inventories and vocational assessments and allowing advisors to better support students.

* Provides comprehensive, in-depth information on curricula and
career requirements and alternatives, making the exploration of academic and career paths easier for the advisor and the student.

Employers and Career Explorers

* Expands the awareness, requirements and benefits of careers to
more students and at an earlier stage in their education.

* Improves employee-job compatibility and organizational
competitiveness, integrating industry-tested inventories and vocational assessments.

* Significantly reduces the probability of turnover due to
employee “mis-hires”, resulting in increased organizational effectiveness and lower costs.

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