NEW YORK CITY–Nov. 30, 2006–Altiris, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATRS), a pioneer of service-oriented management solutions, today announced that leading PC hardware manufacturers are working with Altiris to automate Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office1 system deployment and migration for business customers. As IT organizations prepare computing environments for computing changes and upgrades, Altiris has developed Vista-ready, service-oriented management solutions to drive business continuity through the transition.

Altiris works with the leading PC hardware manufacturers to provide customers with automated Windows deployment and migration solutions that support specific PC hardware requirements. Altiris solutions automate the process of migrating user settings and data to new PCs running Windows Vista to help maintain user productivity. Altiris solutions also help IT organizations reduce the cost and complexity of analyzing hardware readiness and deploying and migrating Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system to existing PC environments.

According to Gartner research, “Vendors that sell configuration management and software distribution tools have been including components to help with PC migration and deployment since shortly after Windows 2000 shipped.” Moreover, “In our model, automating the process reduces PC deployment costs by $578 per PC.”

A well-planned, automated approach to Windows Vista deployment and migration helps optimize employee productivity through the transition. In preparation, Microsoft and Altiris are working to enhance Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) methodology. Altiris technology has been used by customers to streamline the deployment and migration of millions of Windows installations worldwide.

“Windows Vista has focused on increasing automation for deployment and has worked with Altiris to help customers quickly and easily transition to a great computing experience,” said Brad Goldberg, General Manager for Microsoft Windows Client Product Management Group. “Altiris service-oriented management software, leveraging the Business Desktop Deployment methodology, helps businesses automate the roll out of Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system.”

Dwain Kinghorn, Altiris CTO, went on to say, “We expect Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system to be disruptive technologies that will be rapidly adopted by our customers. Altiris has established its expertise in helping IT organizations quickly and easily automate business change. Our working relationships with Microsoft, Dell, Intel, HP and other leading hardware OEMs allow us to integrate solutions for automated hardware refresh, streamlined Windows Vista deployment and migration, and ongoing service-oriented management.”

Gregory Bryant, general manager, Intel Digital Office Platforms Group, said, “The built-in management, proactive security, and energy-efficient performance benefits of Intel vPro technology, featuring the Intel Core12 Duo Processor, working with Windows Vista will dramatically improve the end-user’s and the IT manager’s experience. We’ve collaborated with Altiris to optimize the Altiris management solutions to take advantage of Intel vPro technology so business customers can realize greater user productivity while enabling more effective remote management and enforceable security.”

Altiris solutions enable increased IT control and delivery of efficient software operations and additional employee productivity by automating all phases of software and hardware management including inventory, application packaging and virtualization, Windows deployment, imaging and migration, patching, software delivery, license management and ongoing maintenance. These solutions are natively integrated through the Altiris service-oriented architecture and configuration management database (CMDB) to help businesses better control IT change.

Altiris has provided resources at to help businesses better plan for upcoming Vista migrations. The portal includes information about the ‘Definitive Guide to Vista Migration’ complimentary eBook, and the ‘Steps to a Successful Hardware Refresh’ whitepaper. Altiris is also participating in worldwide Microsoft launch events for Windows Vista.

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