Middleburg, VA–Maggie’s Earth Adventures (MMEA), LLC., is responding to the evolving needs of those teachers and students affected by the No
Child Left Behind Act which has extended to include science assessments into accountability beginning in 2007. As science and technology becomes more important to the world, knowledge of science has become even more critical for our children. Maggie’s Earth Adventures is a comprehensive, FREE online program at www.missmaggie.org, providing our educators with a significant advantage as they work to give our students the skills needed to succeed.

As www.missmaggie.org celebrates the sixth year of its worldwide release, over 15,000 subscribers have signed up for the free program which is being offered in English as well as Spanish. A key dimension of the site which has led to itsresounding success is the Weekly Activity Packet whereby teachers receive free, via their e-mail, self-directed lesson activities at the emergent, primary and upper elementary level, games and other ancillary materials. The program highlights a variety of science areas including a regular focus on Women in Science; Wild Weather; Concepts in Science and much more. In addition to providing activities, www.missmaggie.org now provides a detailed description of goals and standards, making it even easier for teachers to measure and track their objectives.

This critically acclaimed, state-of-the-art website program makes a Significant contribution to educators by focusing attention on important environmental issues in a way that appeals to children. Interactive stories teach children about such topics as coral reef damage, over-fishing, air pollution, animal extinction, environmental technologies and more. The site offers striking graphics and audio, challenging games and lesson plans with activities and teacher?s guides.

Headquartered in Middleburg, Virginia, Maggie’s Earth Adventures, LLC. was established in 1999 with the goal of using environmental issues to educate children in the core subject areas of language arts, math, science, and social studies.. The Company’s primary focus to date has been the development of a multi-media program, Maggie’s Earth Adventures, which can be found at www.missmaggie.org.

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