University of Virginia’s Darden/Curry Partnership Engages CELT for School Executive Training Program

October 17, 2006–MARLBOROUGH, MA–The Center for Educational Leadership and
Technology (CELT) announced a new engagement to provide leadership training for school executives enrolled in The Executive Leadership Program for Educators at the University of Virginia in association with The Wallace Foundation. The program has been developed and is being implemented by Darden-Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education, a joint effort between the Darden School of Business and the Curry School of Education. The program offers project and performance management training to education leaders to help them develop strategies that help their districts reach school improvement goals.

In June of this year, the Wallace Foundation awarded the University a grant of $5 million for up to five years to offer varied leadership perspectives and expertise to education executives.
CELT’s president, Rick Rozzelle, has been working with the Darden/Curry Partnership as a consultant on the development and utilization of the Balanced Scorecard in the Executive Leadership Program. The Balanced Scorecard is a project management process that helps define key strategies for achieving an organization’s vision by measuring it against key performance indicators (KPIs). Mr. Rozzelle provides executive training in the project management oversight process, a technique used for managing ongoing large projects.

Previously, Mr. Rozzelle worked with the Darden/Curry Partnership to make Balanced Scorecard training a part of the University of Virginia’s School Turnaround Specialist Program, a well-known, national model for assisting executives of low-performing schools. Rozzelle is a former Chief Information Officer for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. In addition to his work at CELT, he provides consulting services to the Tennessee, North Carolina, and Delaware Departments of Education. Mr. Rozzelle also assists the Darden/Curry Partnership in their work with schools in Richmond, Virginia, providing training for the central office staff, local board, and school administrators as they implement the Balanced Scorecard district-wide.

In a related project, Jim Goodell, CELT’s Vice President for Systems Development, is working with Darden/Curry to develop an automated online Balanced Scorecard tool that is supported by a library of key performance indicators.

Ben Sayeski, Executive Director of Operations for the Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education program, is enthusiastic about the work that is underway. “Education executives from several states are benefiting from world-class instruction on leadership, project management, team building, setting goals, the art of influence, motivating and sustaining a committed team, and data-driven decision making. We’re looking forward to seeing how this training improves business processes in school districts and impacts school performance.”

About the Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education

The Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education (PLE) at the University of Virginia (UVa), a partnership of the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration and the Curry School of Education, has developed an Executive Leadership Program with support from the Wallace Foundation to specifically meet the needs of senior educators at the state and district levels. The program specifically addresses leadership and governance alignment toward core mission, data-driven decision making, stakeholder engagement and organizational change. The program offers the opportunity for teams of board members and senior staff to build capabilities to identify, focus, and align key priorities and to develop a system-wide process for leading and accelerating organizational change to improve student achievement in their states and districts. Each year, a cohort comprised of two participating states and four high need districts will be selected to participate in the two-year program. The UVa PLE assists state and district leaders in developing the team composition and conducts organizational and individual assessments to customize program delivery.

About the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology

Working with the vision, mission, and goals of educational organizations, the Center for Educational Leadership and Technology (CELT), a leading systems integration provider, assists with the research, planning, and implementation of technology in support of contemporary educational reform initiatives.

Through the development and implementation of technology-based products and services, CELT works collaboratively with educational organizations to not only support but also transform 21st century teaching, learning, and management. CELT assists public and private learning organizations at all levels with the identification, procurement, implementation, training, and integration of information products and services. This is accomplished by working cooperatively with the organization’s staff and community in conjunction with regional, national, and international information technology vendors.

CELT is one of the most comprehensive providers of research/planning services, systems integration programs, and Web-enabled decision support solutions. CELT’s goal is to provide services of the highest quality, and whenever possible, products, in the most timely, efficient, and cost-effective way possible using the latest information technology architecture.

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