eTelemetry Receives Patent for Identifying Users of IP Addresses on an Organization’s Network

Annapolis, MD, December 6, 2006–eTelemetry, Inc. today announced that it has been awarded a patent titled, “Asset Tracker for Identifying Users of Current Internet Protocol Addresses in an Organization’s Communications Network” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Just as Domain Name Servers (DNS) enabled the Internet by translating a web address (e.g., to an IP address (e.g.,, this newly patented technology is equally revolutionary because it provides “People DNS” by matching the network user to an organization’s network IP address.

eTelemetry’s award-winning Locate appliance leverages this “People DNS” technology by passively identifying individuals using IP addresses, computer hardware, and switch ports in real-time. Catching individuals downloading copyrighted files, locating and disabling infected computers and alerting when people or PCs move on the networkthese are three current problems solved by this patented technology.

eTelemetry’s latest product, Metron, brings the value of “People DNS” to business executives with real-time views of their employees’ bandwidth use, and time spent surfing/chatting during the work day. Metron also captures real-time employee and department level communication patterns for organizational network analysis.

“There is a tremendous amount of information flowing across an organization’s network,” says eTelemetry CTO, Alan Schunemann, adding, “By identifying the people associated with network activity, this patent is a critical first step toward our vision of turning this network traffic into business intelligence.”

eTelemetry’s plug-and-play “People DNS” capability is designed to add value to network security, identity management, and compliance products by adding the “People Layer” to the anonymous network environment.

About eTelemetry

Established in 1999, eTelemetry, Inc. turns network traffic into business intelligence. Our products provide plug-and-play organizational visibility, giving business owners, IT management, security and support personnel a top-down view of all desktop-computing assets, the people using them, their activities and physical location. For more information, call 888-266-6513 or visit Link to high res image of Alan Schunemann, CTO of eTelemetry:

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