‘NOVA scienceNOW’ explores asteroids, dieting—and more

The PBS series NOVA scienceNOW returns to television and the web this fall with a new host, astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and several new topics of exploration–from whether a “doomsday asteroid” the size of the Rose Bowl will hit Earth in 2036, to why most attempts at dieting prove so frustrating. At the series’ web site, students and teachers can watch streaming video of past programs, download podcasts, and get the latest information about upcoming segments, science in the news, and the facts behind the headlines–all of which can be delivered right to subscribers’ desktops free of charge through an RSS feed. “Dispatches,” the series’ multimedia blog, contains regularly updated audio, video, and text reports from producers and correspondents. Visitors to the site also can navigate a map of Los Angeles that shows the projected results of three different types of asteroid impacts; test their knowledge of the Periodic Table and learn more about the quest for the elusive “Island of Stability”; and listen to MIT roboticist and writer Karl Iagnemma describe his life in science and fiction.

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