Take Your Teaching & Remote Network Administration to New, 21st Century Level!

V.A.P. Software, a world-class provider of remote administration software, today announces the release of new Net Control 2, which offers over 16 new features and enhancements for better virtual teaching classes and administration of enterprise-scale networks

V.A.P. Software today announces version 6.0 of Net Control 2, remote administration and monitoring software for classroom, office, and home networks. Starting at only $45, Net Control 2 enables you to control networking machines remotely using the keyboard and mouse, manage files, send messages (text, graphics, sound), and share any desktop with users. In version 6.0, the functionality of the program has been expanded with new features while the old ones have been improved to make the program even more easy to use for end users. The following are just a few significant features that users will discover in 6.0.

– Users will be pleased to find a completely new user interface, which has been redesigned in accordance with the requests from end users and usability testers. The interface has become more comfortable to work with and pleases the eye with its stylish look.

– Version 6.0 introduces a new tool – Desktop Recorder. It lets users record a sequence of actions taking place on the desktop and add voice instructions to the record. The final result is a computerized tutorial that can be used as an electronic manual. Unlike AVI files, such tutorials are smaller, which makes them easy for deployment in the network.

– Users now will be able to transfer large files (above 1MB) much faster than in the previous versions because version 6.0 has a special mode of transferring files. This mode improves the transfer speed by several times as compared to the previous releases.

– For the comfort of users, the ‘Remote Desktop’ feature has been extended in the ‘View One Control All’ mode. Now you can view screenshots of all remote machines, click on a screenshot and it will activate Remote Desktop session for the selected machine.

– Among many new features there is ‘Autoconnect at startup’ mode. When this mode is selected, Net Control 2 Client will open connection automatically at startup. When the mode is disabled, connection will be opened only by double clicking the icon. This ‘Autoconnect’ mode is useful when administrator must control a large amount of computers and the process of connection takes too long.

Explore the V.A.P. Software’s site at www.netcontrol2.com/nc2.html to learn about other no less important new and enhanced features in version 6.0 of Net Control 2.

Net Control 2 Key Benefits

As remote administration and monitoring software, Net Control will benefit most any administrator or helpdesk technician because it provides a complete package for remote management of networked machines. The ‘Remote Desktop’ module lets you connect to a remote machine to view and control its keyboard and mouse just as if you were seated at that machine. Net Control 2 lets you extend your control over more than one machine and manage them simultaneously. For example, you can install a program and configure its settings on several machines simultaneously with only a few mouse clicks. With Net Control in place, administrators no longer have to waste their time on traveling from one computer to another as they can resolve all user software related issues from the comfort of their own desk.

Net Control 2 is also great for teaching and managing classes in the networked classroom. Instead of old fashioned boards, the program offers a ‘Broadcast Desktop’ feature that lets teachers instruct students by broadcasting their screen (or any student’s screen) to every machine in the class simultaneously. This gives students first hand instruction and saves thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on special demonstration projectors and other hardware. Teachers can easily follow students as they work watching their desktops on their displays and extend a helping hand when it’s needed. For example, a teacher can remotely send messages, help students copy, rename, or execute programs. Teachers have the ability to control Internet access and restrict access to some undesirable sites.

The user friendly and intuitive interface in combination with cutting edge teaching and remote network monitoring and management features make Net Control 2 equally good for virtual learning classes and for administering enterprise-scale networks! Try it now!

Pricing and Availability

Net Control 2 v.6.0 runs under all versions of Windows (95-2003) and costs $99 (US) for a Standard Edition license that allows the installation of administrator components on 1 machine and user components on up to 10 user machines. For other types of licenses, please refer to http://www.netcontrol2.com/fulllist.html. Licensed customers are entitled to premium technical support by email. Further information on the product, as well as its evaluation copy (full functionality on up to 10 remote machines) is available from www.netcontrol2.com.

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