Better curriculum software – becoming part of the solution

Teachers today are expected to integrate technology into their classrooms, but identifying software that satisfies their curriculum needs can be a time-consuming, frustrating task. As a teacher who’s hard-pressed to keep up with the daily demands of your classroom, wouldn’t it be nice if a reputable educational software developer would periodically let you test-drive a program, ask what you’d like improved, and then give you a free copy?

That’s exactly what’s being offered to teachers who join the Teacher Software Review Network, organized by educational software developers Courseware Solutions. “We’ve always relied heavily on feedback from our field trials teachers,” states Evannah Sakamoto, Review Coordinator at Courseware Solutions, “and with the Teacher Software Review Network we can open up the process to more teachers to take a look and tell us what needs to be done to make a program work for them.”

The Teacher Software Review Network relies on Internet program delivery and review forms to streamline the review process and minimize the time and attention required by the participating teachers. In addition to the intangible satisfaction of helping to create a better classroom software resource, teacher reviewers receive the tangible reward of free use of the program that they reviewed.

All active classroom teachers are eligible to join by filling out an online application at:

Courseware Solutions Inc. is the developer of the very popular Mathville (“where kids love math!”) and Wordville (“have fun with words!”) series of educational software for elementary and middle schools. Closely aligned to official math and literacy curriculum guidelines of many states and provinces, the Mathville and Wordville programs are used in thousands of schools across North America. For more information regarding the Teacher Software Review Network please go to:
or contact Janis Gershman, Courseware Solutions Inc. (

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