Broadcast Pix Boosts Live Event Coverage for Charter Media

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts (December 19, 2006) Broadcast Pix™ Inc. today announced that Charter Media of Kingsport, Tennessee has purchased two Broadcast Pix Studio 2000 switchers for live production of commercials and long-format, local-origination programming in and around Kingsport and the Dalton, Georgia region. Charter Media is the advertising division of Charter Communications, one of the nation’s largest cable companies. The systems were installed in late summer as part of new mobile production vehicles for coverage of live events, including high school and collegiate sports.

Broadcast Pix is the only production switcher on the market with a built-in Inscriber character generator, four-hour clip store and monitoring. According to Brent Herron, Creative Services Manager of Charter Media, the company sent a representative to NAB2006 with just enough of a budget to purchase a traditional standalone switcher and character generator for the Kingsport site. The cost-effective, all-inclusive design of the Broadcast Pix platform allowed Charter Media to purchase Studio 2000 systems for both sites. The Kingsport switcher is the centerpiece of a 20-foot mobile production trailer, while the Dalton switcher was installed in a smaller mobile cart.

“We purchased the systems on the spot after seeing the demos and doing some online research of the Broadcast Pix platform,” said Herron. “We saved between $30,000 and $40,000, and the additional savings allowed us to spend our money on other upgrades. The quality of our live productions at both sites has improved since installing the systems. The Broadcast Pix platform operates in a multiple-input, hybrid analog/SDI design, where our previous switcher was analog only.”

Herron also stressed the time-efficiency benefits of using Broadcast Pix. He estimates that the Kingsport production team reduced its weekly workload by 15 hours, mostly through the elimination of post work.

“The Broadcast Pix platform is ideal for live sports because we can finish our product at the site of the event, where we previously had to post commercials, instant replays and other graphical elements at the Charter Media facility. The ability to pre-make and save many of these elements gives us the speed and functionality to pull up everything on the fly at the event without slowing the production.”

Both systems feature an intelligent breakout box (iBoB) to connect a mix of Sony cameras, audio mixers and playback devices. The Kingsport site also connects Charter Communications DVR boxes to Studio 2000 for instant replay. These are especially useful at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, where Charter Media produces Division 1 NCAA basketball for broadcast.

Herron added that his operators required only a two-day learning curve to feel comfortable using the system in a live capacity. A typical Kingsport event has three operators in the mobile production trailer, with two working the Studio 2000  one focused on switching and the other on graphics.

“Broadcast Pix is pleased to announce the installation of the Charter Media systems, and the cost and production benefits that the company achieved in the process,” said Ken Swanton, President of Broadcast Pix. “Charter Media in Kingsport had its system online just in time for the high school football season, and reduced the heavy post-production workload associated with producing a season’s worth of games. We are also thrilled that the cost-savings associated with the Kingsport purchase allowed them to introduce the same production efficiencies to its Dalton branch through a second purchase.”

About Broadcast Pix

Broadcast Pix provides the industry’s only live video production switchers with a built-in character generator, clip store and full-motion monitoring. They are more powerful, easier to use, and much more cost effective than a traditional control room of individual components, yet retain a fast action human interface and robustness. Broadcast Pix switchers enable a single operator to create engaging live television that used to require a team, yet gracefully adds operators when desired. They are also the only switchers that can be controlled remotely over the Internet. Broadcast Pix is based in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in California and Europe. Customers include leading broadcast, cable, corporate, education, entertainment, mobile, faith and government studios. For more information on Broadcast Pix, go to Broadcast Pix and Slate are trademarks of Broadcast Pix, Inc. Patents pending.

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