The “141 Webcast” Comes to the Classroom at East Canton

Mr. Kacy Carter, third year teacher at East Canton High School, is bringing his knowledge of technology and social studies together in a new weekly podcast entitled the “141 Webcast.” Carter, a 2004 graduate of Mount Union College, is encouraging his students to dive further into material taught in his classes by having them create a weekly podcast that discusses topics in the world of social studies. Mr. Carter is a frequent user of technology in education and is keen on using technology to build connections with the students.

“Podcasting is a new and improved form of radio,” said Mr. Carter, “Podcasts are mp3 downloads that students and community members can listen to any time, any where. And it can reach even further than that. This is producing media for a global audience, so the kids have to make sure they do quality work.” Utilizing digital voice recorders and new software, the students are conducting interviews with community members, creating “podcast” dramas, and holding round-table discussions to share with the world.

“I began to look into this idea about a year ago, and the kids started asking questions. I think the ability to have their voice be heard is really important to our kids. That’s why MySpace and Utube are so popular. Podcasting while in the classroom gives the students the ability to have their voice be heard while also concentrating on ethics and honesty.”

Some quick facts about the “141 Webcast”

*One of over 60,000 podcasts currently found on the Internet.

*A weekly podcast that mirrors the content being discussed in Kacy Carter’s Government, Psychology, Sociology, and Political Thought classes.

*Segments of the podcast include: Podsafe Music, The Good Ship Union: Our Government in Action, And How Does That Make You Feel: Psychological Issues, and Political Thinking for Today.

*The Podcast can be found at:
*or by logging on to the iTunes podcast directory and searching keyword “141 Webcast”

Anyone interested in learning more about the 141 Webcast is encouraged to contact Mr. Kacy Carter at East Canton High School or by email at

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