Educational Underwriters

Educational Underwriters is a non-profitorganization committed to helping educators comply with No Child LeftBehind. EdU reviews the research behind educational programs andproducts to verify that they meet NCLB requirements and higheducational standards.

For years, NCLB-weary administratorshave been asking for a simple process to ensure that educationalproducts and programs are scientifically research-based. Few have thetime or resources to verify the research themselves, so two schooladministrators established Educational Underwriters, Incorporated toease the stress of spending federal dollars.

Practicingeducators know what works, but they may not fully understand the narrowscope of scientifically based research as defined by No Child LeftBehind. Help them make the right choice. Let the EdU Seal of Approvalspeak for you.

The EdU Review Process simplifies NCLB for yourcompany and for your customers — at a fraction of the cost of mostmarketing campaigns. Maximize your marketing efforts by adding the EdUseal to your advertising.

You have good research. You have agood product. EdU provides your customers peace of mind and allows youto focus on your schools, not on the research. When schooladministrators ask, “What about the research?” show them the EdU Sealof Approval and assure them that you are NCLB compliant.

Give EdU a call or drop by our website. Together, we can take ownership of No Child Left Behind. 1-800-753-5496

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