Sarasota County School District To Install Activboard+2 In 3,300 Classrooms

SARASOTA–Dec. 7, 2006–Sarasota County School District in Florida voted unanimously last week to implement Promethean’s new “Activboard+2” in all of the district’s 3,300 classrooms. This will be a mainstay in NeXt Generation Learning through the 2007 school year, and as part of an overall equity initiative in classroom technology.

The new Activboard+2 consists of an interactive whiteboard, short-throw projector (a projector requiring only three feet of throw distance), an adjustable mount and integrated software programs enabling the delivery of hundreds of thousands of digital learning resources to each classroom. Because the Activeboard+2 does not require ceiling-mounted projection equipment, implementing the all-in-one system is quicker and cheaper on the school district than traditional systems.
“We wanted a system that provides our teachers with state-of-the art technology and that works with our curriculum,” said Mike Horan, Sarasota County Curriculum Director. “Our teachers are thrilled.”

The Sarasota County School Board voted to implement the new Activboard+2’s in phases starting with 1,050 classrooms immediately in Phase One, with two additional phases scheduled next year. Logical Choice Technologies, Inc, an authorized reseller for Promethean, provided the district with a comprehensive installation and professional development plan. Promethean’s Teaching and Learning Consultants, who worked as K-12 classroom teachers in the past, will help with classroom, video, and online instruction.

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