2006 Continues Strong Growth Trend for DyKnow

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (January 9, 2007)–DyKnow®, a leader in interactive education technology, marks the conclusion of another successful year, more than doubling both its customer base and revenues in 2006. These year-end results continue a trend of impressive year-over-year growth for the company.

DyKnow offers an innovative software product that enables teachers to collaboratively engage learners. DyKnow Vision® includes note delivery technology, interactive tools, content playback, monitoring and anywhere-anytime access to class material. DyKnow Monitor® allows teachers the benefit of desktop control and classroom monitoring.

Growing Customer Base

In 2006, schools across the country made a commitment to interactive learning, increasing DyKnow’s customer base by 127 percent. The company’s revenues increased 140 percent over the previous year. Numerous K-12 schools, universities and community colleges invested in DyKnow software in 2006 including Virginia Tech, Indiana University Kelly School of Business, Naval Post Graduate School (Monterey, CA) and Winona State University (Winona, MN) who boasts the largest university Tablet PC deployment in the country.

“What started as a research project by a single professor is now impacting thousands of students across the country,” said Laura Small, president of DyKnow. “Institutions from large universities to small private schools are utilizing DyKnow to foster interactive classrooms, engaging students like never before. Engaged students become more proficient and enthusiastic learners, and DyKnow is excited to be a part of this learning experience.”

Winona State University Director of E-Learning Ken Graetz said of the university’s decision to implement DyKnow software, “We looked at a number of products and DyKnow was the most robust educational solution that met our demands of student engagement, time savings, IT scalability and overall institutional return on investment.”

Solidifying Strategic Partnerships

In 2006, Gateway, the third largest PC company in the United States, began packaging and selling DyKnow software with its learning services and hardware products. The Gateway/DyKnow solution is especially beneficial to universities and schools pursuing one-to-one computing programs with ubiquitous wireless access to enhance learning. By sharing customers and resources, DyKnow and Gateway hope to foster a growing network of innovative educators.

DyKnow was also selected by Microsoft as one of 10 independent software vendors (ISV) to participate in the Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) ISV Early Adopter Program. The program was designed to help ISVs optimize their software to support the UMPC and take their applications to market. DyKnow successfully tested and validated its DyKnow Vision and Monitor software on the UMPC’s operating system.

DyKnow took part in another strategic initiative in 2006 with a very different goal. DyKnow was invited to become a member of the Hurricane Education Leadership Project (HELP Team). DyKnow, along with a select group of companies and foundations, is aiding in the reconstruction of the educational infrastructure in the hurricane damaged Gulf Coast region. More information about The HELP Team can be found at www.educationhelpteam.org.

Software Release and Patent Award

In March 2006, DyKnow announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had issued a patent for the core technology DyKnow Vision uses to facilitate a collaborative note-taking environment. The patent affirmed DyKnow Vision’s novel approach to teaching and learning. Two additional DyKnow product patents are currently pending.

May 2006 marked a milestone with the release of version 4.2 of DyKnow Vision and Monitor software. Product enhancements were made that allowed interactive chat, live streaming audio and the ability for students to electronically communicate their understanding to instructors through a new Participant Status feature.

“We continue to build our software based on the needs of our customers,” said DyKnow Chief Technology Officer Dan Sanders. “The functionality introduced in our 4.2 release is just the beginning. Our 5.0 release scheduled for May 2007 will be Vista and Internet Explorer 7.0 compatible. Additionally, DyKnow is integrating with LMS leader Blackboard and other software functionality will be enhanced such as our text and inking tools.”

For more information about the DyKnow products, visit www.dyknow.com or call (888) 839-5669.

About DyKnow

A leader in interactive education, DyKnow combines sound teaching with intuitive technology to create flexible, scalable and secure software for teaching and learning. Teachers can use the DyKnow software solution to eliminate electronic distraction while fostering interaction through collaborative note taking, student response tools, content replay, and anywhere, anytime access. Learn more by visiting www.dyknow.com. For media inquiries, contact Meghann York Meenan, marketing manager, at (317) 275-5881.

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