Parat Solutions Releases 32-Unit Mobile IT Transport Systems

Berwyn, PA January 2, 2007 –PARAT Solutions, an innovative manufacturer of mobile computing transport solutions, today announced the availability of its V32 Paradidact©, a 32-unit mobile IT transport solution.
The PARAT Solutions Paradidact© seamlessly combines convenience, versatility and connectivity in an aesthetically appealing solution allowing educators and seminar organizers to transport, store, recharge and synchronize up to 32 notebook computers cost-effectively and efficiently. A unique feature of the Paradidact© is the ability to administer and synchronize the contents of an entire series of docked systems via wake-on-LAN technology from a remote location, eliminating the time-consuming and laborious task of updating computers individually.

Thus, PARAT Solutions has transformed the common notebook computer cart into an independent mobile IT classroom. The Paradidact© is further enhanced with integrated intelligent features such as a wireless access point, ergonomic docking and even an embedded USB speaker system. PARAT Solutions Director of Sales Peter Jauss stated, “The value-added embedded features of our product which are currently unavailable from other manufacturers make one-on-one computing an achievable reality for educators. Today, with our 32-unit Paradidact©, schools can reach more students than ever before.”

“Enabling educators to easily distribute computers to as many students as possible and providing districts with cost-effective flexibility in deploying their IT resources is an ongoing priority at PARAT Solutions. When compared to hard-wired computer rooms the Paradidact© represents a savings of up to 60% –a meaningful and significant savings for school districts,” stated Jauss.

The V32 is customized and guaranteed to accommodate seamless network and power supply connectivity for nearly every notebook computer manufacturer’s products. PARAT prides itself in its quick turnaround and build to order capability.
PARAT Solutions is an independent U.S. affiliate of PARAT-WERKE and provides “smart products for mobile computing” and effectively combines innovative technology, sturdy craftsmanship, technical expertise and a high degree of creativity.
For further information, please email or call 610-647-5976

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