Arizona State University Implements Oracle® Applications to Improve Student Administration System and Support Rapid Growth

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., December 11, 2006–Oracle today announced that Arizona State University (ASU) has implemented Oracle´s PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Administration and PeopleSoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Higher Education, to streamline recruiting and admissions processes, improve service to current and prospective students and create efficiencies across the student lifecycle. The implementation is the first stage of an extensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system initiative, which ASU is deploying in record time to support the university´s rapid increase in enrollment.

ASU is at the beginning of a 10-year plan to expand in scope and size, while simultaneously raising academic quality. Already the nation´s fourth largest university, ASU´s vision is to become "The New American University," providing quality, accessible education, and producing a highly educated workforce to generate economic growth. In the next 15 years, the university hopes to increase enrollment by 56 percent.

In order to support this growth, the university needs a strong foundation to support its student administration, human resources and financial management processes, and to enable consistent interactions with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community. PeopleSoft Enterprise applications, which the university will continue to implement throughout the rest of 2006 and into 2007, will help ASU achieve its goal of becoming a higher education innovator. The university expects to see a multitude of benefits including:

*Support for Rapid Growth–ASU recently added a new downtown campus and integration into the legacy system took approximately three months. With the new PeopleSoft system, the university will be able to add a new campus in less than one hour. This capability will allow ASU to adapt and grow as needed.

*More Efficient Business Processes–Automated human resources and financial systems will lead to more streamlined business processes and cost reduction university-wide.

*Enhanced Visibility for Improved Decision-Making–With centralized student, financial and human resources data, as well as an integrated CRM system that tracks interactions with students, ASU will have access to more comprehensive, accurate information.

"In order to provide the best possible environment for our students, we need the best technology," said Adrian Sannier, ASU´s University Technology Officer. "We are already seeing the benefits of our Oracle implementation as manifested in improved service and efficiency. When the ERP implementation is complete, we will have a solid, efficient foundation to carry the university into the future."

Improving Service to Students and Prospective Students

By integrating Oracle´s PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Administration with PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM, ASU can improve service to students and more effectively manage the entire lifecycle, from recruitment to graduation. ASU is already using PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting and Admissions on campus, as the first part of the university´s Online Administration & Student Information System (OASIS). Prospective students can log on and check the status of their applications, and ASU staff can evaluate and process applications more quickly–helping to reduce the time needed to make a decision on an application from five to seven days to two to three days. When applying this time savings to the more than 75,000 student applications ASU receives each year, the university expects to realize major efficiencies and reduce costs. Additionally, ASU´s admission staff benefits from enhanced visibility into prospective student information, allowing them to develop more effective, targeted marketing campaigns.

Once the PeopleSoft implementation is complete, students will benefit from further functionality, including online access to their transcripts and financial aid information, as well as the ability to register for classes online. If students need to contact a university office, they will receive higher quality service, because PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM will enable the staff to instantly access all relevant information–including academic records, financial aid awards and payment history–from one centralized source.

Rapid Growth Demands a Unique Approach

Prior to implementing Oracle, ASU maintained outdated administrative systems that were difficult to adapt to the university´s needs. The institution knew it needed to update its systems rapidly in order to scale to its anticipated growth. ASU selected Oracle´s PeopleSoft Enterprise applications because of their scalability and robust functionality.

"With ASU´s ambitious and rapid growth plan, we knew that Oracle´s PeopleSoft was the only solution available that was flexible and scalable enough to meet our demands." said Max Davis-Johnson, associate vice president, University Technology Office, ASU.

As part of its initiative to build "The New American University," ASU believes it is best to outsource technology management outside of the university´s core business–academics and research–in order to put the technology in the hands of expert partners and allow ASU to focus on more strategic activities. With that in mind, ASU chose CedarCrestone to implement and host the PeopleSoft solution.

"By partnering with CedarCrestone to host the technology, we were able to hit the ground running and start focusing right away on how to apply the technology to help our students, faculty and staff," said Davis-Johnson.

"No other Research-1 institution has taken on an ERP implementation of this scale in this short a time period," said Oracle Higher Education Vice President Jim McGlothlin. "ASU´s success demonstrates what is possible with an aggressive technology strategy, valued vendor expertise and support from across the university."

Streamlining Business Processes University-Wide

ASU is currently rolling out Oracle´s PeopleSoft Enterprise Online Marketing and PeopleSoft Enterprise Support for CRM, which will enable the university to plan interactive, ongoing marketing campaigns and provide support for CRM system users respectively. In early 2007, ASU plans to complete the deployment of PeopleSoft Enterprise Student Administration with the launch of the modules for student records, registration and financial aid. In spring and summer of 2007, the university will further streamline business processes with the deployment of Oracle´s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management and PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management. ASU plans to complete the implementation of the full ERP system–which will serve more than 75,000 users–at the beginning of the fall 2007 school year.

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