Educators see new way to help impact student achievement

DULUTH, Ga. (Jan. 12, 2007) — More and more educators are seeking a way to impact student learning outside the traditional classroom setting. Matt Coker is one such educator.

Coker spent twelve years as a high school teacher and middle school principal in Alabama, striving to provide his students with the skills for success.

After earning a Masters Degree in Education Leadership and working with teachers and students on a daily basis, Coker discovered that he can better effect students´ education by introducing his former colleagues to the benefits of integrating instructional technology targeted toward individualized instruction. He joins the growing ranks of former school administrators and teachers who are helping their former peers with effective technology use for students.

Coker learned, in dramatic fashion, just how powerful and effective these products could be. He had just spent a good portion of his summer crunching numbers; breaking down the results of his Eclectic Middle School (Elmore County, Ala.) student´s results from the previous year´s Alabama Reading and Math Test (ARMT). Coker was sorting through each student´s scores in the test´s different sections, trying to figure out where each individual student´s strengths and weaknesses were.

Tests and test scores are huge in the age of No Child Left Behind, and these test results offer valuable information about what subjects each student is mastering and what subjects need more remediation. "We wanted to create learning plans that were designed for each student´s needs," said Coker, who began his education career teaching high school history, government, econ and health, as well as coaching football and basketball. "It was a painstaking way to do the things, but it was the way we felt it had to be done."

Then Coker was introduced to Classworks, published by Curriculum Advantage, Inc. ( The program downloaded his students´ ARMT results, created several detailed reports and diagnosed, prescribed and generated individual learning paths, complete with intervention activities, quizzes, projects and remediation (as needed) for each students. Coker´s summer of numbers work was recreated–and greatly surpassed–in a matter of minutes.

Coker was immediately intrigued. "I thought, first off, that the power of technology has yet to be realized by so many educators. This can help my students on day one," he said.

And then he started thinking about all of Alabama´s students. "There is a definite need for what a program like Classworks can do. Once I saw the program import the ARMT data and then address each student´s needs, offering engaging instruction and proactive activities, I absolutely knew that this is what all students across Alabama needed," Coker said.

Coker now leads the Classworks Alabama implementation team, working with his former peers across the state to help everyone achieve their education goals.

Classworks was recently selected from many high-caliber products as one of the best in the software and information industry as a finalist for two Software & Information Industry Association CODiE Awards: Best K-12 Instruction Solution and Best Mathematics Instruction Solution.

About Curriculum Advantage

Curriculum Advantage, Inc. ( is based in Duluth, Ga. Curriculum Advantage´s flagship product is Classworks, a network-based system of K-12 reading and mathematics curriculum and learning tools that currently comprise over 5,000 hours of curriculum. Classworks activities are correlated to national and state learning standards and state tests. They include prescriptive and summative assessment, remediation and reporting tools. Classworks is installed in 3,000 schools in the United States and worldwide. INET Classroom, also from Curriculum Advantage, is a comprehensive library of web-based curriculum linked to state and national standards.

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