SMART expands lesson activities for educators

CALGARY, ALBERTA — January 10, 2007 — SMART Technologies Inc. announces the availability of 50 new, highly interactive SMART Lesson Activities for Notebook 9.5 built for K12 teachers. These are in addition to its collection of hundreds of educator-created lesson activities already available. The next generation of SMART lesson activities for Notebook 9.5 incorporates more interactive Adobe® Flash® objects, which bring lessons to life and enhance student engagement. The activities allow for direct feedback, a feature that checks if students´ answers are correct. The lesson activities are also flexible enough for student-directed learning or to be used by specialist or non-specialist teachers. Lesson activities for Notebook 9.5 are created based on, and correlated to curriculum standards North America.

The new lesson activities for Notebook 9.5 include interactive title pages with teacher and lesson notes, giving educators a quick reference to the lesson´s objectives and ideas for differentiation. Interactive title bars provide information about each lesson page and help with how to use it in the lesson. Flash objects are versatile and can be used within the original lesson activity where they were created, or they can be moved into Notebook™ software´s Gallery or another lesson activity. SMART has 6,100 learning objects in its Gallery that is included with SMART Board software. Another 500 will be added by the end of January. All new lesson activities have a consistent color-coded design specific to the subject area and grade level, and primary lesson activities feature a fun and friendly new character called "Scout." Science lesson plans are in green, English in orange, history in purple, math in blue and geography in brown.

"SMART lesson activities provide educators with easy-to-use highly interactive instructional resources," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART´s CEO. "Using tools such as the SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard, SMART´s Notebook software and SMART lesson activities, teachers can help students become actively engaged in the lesson, ultimately improving their retention and understanding of the subject."

About SMART lesson activities

SMART´s new lesson activities for Notebook 9.5 can be viewed and downloaded with the latest version of SMART Board software 9.5 for Windows®, Mac OS and Linux® operating systems. SMART customers can download version 9.5 at no additional cost at To see the latest lesson activities, visit SMART´s education website at SMART Board software 9.5 is included with all new orders of SMART Board interactive whiteboards, Sympodium"interactive pen displays and AirLiner wireless slates. For additional information or specifications, visit

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