SMART Board software 9.5 makes creating and managing digital content easier

CALGARY, ALBERTA — January 10, 2007 — SMART Technologies Inc. announces that the latest version of SMART Board™ software 9.5 for Windows®, Mac OS and Linux® operating systems offers teachers more digital resources, a number of user-friendly new features and support for five additional languages. These enhancements to the world´s most widely used interactive whiteboard software make it easier for educators to create and manage all their digital learning materials within one easy-to-use content platform. Version 9.5 adds features that refine users´ whiteboarding experience and improve system administration. It provides new Gallery images and Flash interactivities, and support for five additional languages, which brings the total to 36 (Windows operating systems only), more than any other interactive whiteboard software on the market.

Developed in consultation with teachers, SMART Board software is the whiteboarding software gold standard. Version 9.5 includes a variety of new features and resources in Notebook™ software, the whiteboarding application within SMART Board software. Dual Page Display allows teachers to show two Notebook pages simultaneously and to draw, make notes, import files and add links to either page. Team Content provides access to Gallery content that is shared on a network. Show All Links lets users attach a file, weblink or sound to any Notebook icon. When Show All Links is selected, interactive objects on a Notebook page are surrounded by an animated link indicator. One hundred new images have been added to the Gallery, including art, archaeology and science images from the Cambridge University Press Global Grid for Learning collection. Forty new high-quality photographs from iStock photo include a variety of facial expressions, and famous and historic places. New videos from Digital Video Library can be easily embedded into interactive lessons. Flash content from Daydream Education® and Intel® skoool technology helps students learn with animated activities. SMART Board software gives system administrators more guidance on installing the software, and optimizing system monitoring and remote diagnostics. Hebrew and Hindi are available for the first time and Polish, Greek and Scottish-Gaelic were also recently added.

"As educators around the world make the shift to digital learning environments, the need for more resources and better ways to manage them becomes critical," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART´s CEO. "Hundreds of thousands of educators around the world use SMART Board software because it helps them engage students and teach more effectively, and version 9.5 builds on that experience."


Dual Page Display–Displays two Notebook pages on the screen simultaneously, allowing teachers to draw, make notes, import files and add links to either page.

Greater Team Content access–Connects users to Gallery content on a shared network drive. Depending on permission level, users can access, add or delete items from Team Content folders without the help of a network administrator.

Show All Links–When selected, interactive objects on a Notebook page are surrounded by an animated link indicator.

New Gallery images–Includes images from the Cambridge University Press Global Grid for Learning collection and the iStockphoto library. Pictures of art, geography and scientific drawings are provided.

Flash interactivities–Includes animation from 2Simple, Daydream Education and Intel skoool technology. Also includes new compass, protractor and puzzle-maker tools.
Flash video–Includes Digital Video Library clips in art and design, geography and history.

Additional language support–Offers support for Polish, Greek, Scottish-Gaelic, Hebrew and Hindi.

System Administrators Guide and Install–Deploys SMART Board software 9.5 in a workgroup, computer lab or full institution environment using Windows operating system install. Guide includes information on imaging or remote management tools to further automate the installation process.

Improved issue reporting–Allows users to send detailed log information to SMART to help diagnose and correct any software issues.

Pricing and availability

SMART Board software 9.5 for Windows®, Mac OS and Linux operating systems is now available. Existing SMART customers can download version 9.5 at no cost at SMART Board software 9.5 is included with all new orders of SMART Board interactive whiteboards, Sympodium™ interactive pen displays and AirLiner™ wireless slates. For additional information or specifications, visit

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