SMART ships all-in-one interactive whiteboard system

CALGARY, ALBERTA — January 10, 2007 — SMART Technologies Inc. announces the SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system is now shipping in volume. First announced in June 2006, the 600i interactive whiteboard system quickly became a sought-after classroom and meeting room solution with thousands of units on order. The 600i system is an integrated solution, combining a front-projection SMART Board" interactive whiteboard and a Unifi" 35 projector with a built-in audio system, video source switching and ScratchPad, the projector´s own whiteboarding software. Writing and erasing tools built into the projector mean users can operate the whiteboard with or without a computer.

The 600i system is designed to be used by anyone, regardless of experience with interactive whiteboards. Both the interactive whiteboard and the projector are easily and securely mounted to a wall, optimizing room space while also reducing installation time and costs. The Unifi is a short-throw, high-offset projector that reduces shadows cast onto the board. With the Unifi On-Screen Interface, users can select input sources, such as a computer, VCR, document camera or DVD player. From this interface, they can adjust projector settings, choose the digital ink for writing over any video source and capture their work to ScratchPad. Users can then save their work to a USB storage device, such as a USB key, PDA, iPod or digital camera, as a Notebook, PDF or JPEG file.

"The SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system has had an overwhelming reception from customers wanting an all-in-one interactive whiteboard solution," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART´s CEO. "This new integrated system is affordable, easy to use and easy to install, making it a popular choice."

Features and benefits

Unifi projector–Mounted securely to the wall above the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the Unifi projector has native XGA resolution (1024×768 pixels). The small footprint and practical security features, including a built-in locking mount, reduces theft and saves space. A mounting template helps users locate the correct position for the projector and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, simplifying installation and saving time.

Unifi On-Screen Interface–Users can access the On-Screen Interface with one button, allowing them to select different input sources, control the projector settings and access Help screens without the need for a remote control. The Unifi On-Screen Interface works with or without a connected computer.

ScratchPad–This application provides a digital space for capturing multiple pages of notes and images from software applications or other video sources such as DVD players, VCRs and document cameras. A scaled-down version of Notebook software (the whiteboarding application in SMART Board software), ScratchPad has a page sorter, full-screen mode and the ability to add and delete pages. Unlike Notebook software, ScratchPad runs entirely within the Unifi projector and does not require a computer to operate.

Projector control module–Built into the pen tray of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard is the Power On/Off button for the 600i system, the volume control for the audio system and the Menu button to access the projector´s On-Screen Interface.

Audio system–Included in the Unifi projector, the audio system has two 20-watt speakers that broadcast high-quality audio.
Extended connection panel–The connection panel allows users to integrate media, such as a VCR, DVD player or document camera, into the 600i system. The extended connection panel has several input and output connections, including RGB video (HD15), composite video (RCA), S-video (mini-DIN 4) and two types of audio input/output (2 x RCA and 3.5 mm stereo jack).

SMART Board interactive whiteboard–Simply by touching the large display, users can access and control any computer or multimedia application, including the Internet, CDs and DVDs, and write notes in digital ink and save their work to share later.

SMART Board software 9.5–Included with all SMART products is SMART Board software 9.5 for Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS X and Linux® operating systems. Rich and intuitive, SMART Board software offers features and resources that help educators, trainers and presenters create, present, manage and teach digital content using SMART Board interactive whiteboards, Sympodium interactive pen displays and AirLiner wireless slates. Users can write and edit notes in digital ink, import or export PowerPoint® presentations, record data and audio, and create dynamic, seamless presentations in Notebook software. SMART Board software is regularly upgraded and always available as a free download to all SMART customers.

Availability and pricing

The SMART Board 600i interactive whiteboard system is shipping at a suggested list price of US$5,599 for the 680i model and US$5,249 for the 660i model. The 600i system ships complete with Unifi projector and integrated audio system, a choice of SMART Board 680 or 660 interactive whiteboard, and the latest version of SMART Board software. Grant-equivalent pricing on SMART products and services is available without requiring educators to submit a formal grant application. For more information, specifications or to find an authorized reseller, visit or call 1.888.42.SMART.

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