SMART continues as lead contributor to Enciclomedia project

CALGARY, AB — January 10, 2007 — SMART Technologies Inc. announces that it has sold a further 8,000 SMART Board interactive whiteboards and that it continues to be the largest provider of interactive whiteboards for Mexico´s Enciclomedia project. Administered by the secretariat of public education for Mexico, Enciclomedia is the largest education-technology and digital-content project anywhere in the world. This most recent sale brings the number of SMART Board interactive whiteboards for Mexican schools close to 59,000  a figure that represents almost 33 percent of the total number of interactive whiteboards selected for the project to date, making SMART the leading provider. Product reliability was one of the key factors that led to the preference for SMART Board interactive whiteboards. VideoNet, SMART´s distributor in Mexico, provides the support and training required for SMART products installed in the Enciclomedia project.

Enciclomedia aims to boost student engagement, participation and learning outcomes by enriching the classroom experience through the use of technology products and digital content. The Mexican government has designated over US$1.8 billion for the Enciclomedia project. With this latest purchase, a total close to 180,000 interactive whiteboards will be in classrooms delivering the curriculum-based digital content also developed as part of this initiative.

"Schools around the world continue to adopt SMART Board interactive whiteboards to engage students and deliver interactive lessons," says Nancy Knowlton, SMART´s CEO. "We continue to work with schools throughout Mexico to deliver real teaching and learning benefits so that students are able to fully participate in a digital world."

About SMART Board interactive whiteboards

The award-winning SMART Board interactive whiteboard is the most widely installed interactive whiteboard in the world. Simply by touching the large display, users can access and control any computer application or multimedia platform, including the Internet, CDs and DVDs. With SMART Board software, users can write over applications in digital ink and then edit, save, print or post their notes to a website for future reference. SMART Board interactive whiteboards are used in classrooms, briefing rooms and boardrooms around the world, helping people to collaborate effectively whether they are in the same room or in another location. Feature-rich software and intuitive functionality make the SMART Board interactive whiteboard the number one choice of educators, presenters and trainers in over 100 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

Other countries where interactive whiteboards are widely used in education include the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Over 80 percent of the top 500 U.S. school districts use SMART products, almost 60 percent of interactive whiteboards installed in UK schools are from SMART and over 70 percent of interactive whiteboard sales in Germany belong to SMART.

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