Succeed in: Math!. Provides Online Math Help for Students

January 15, 2007 – Succeed in: Math!. assessment and remediation math
tutorial software is now available for students through web-based subscriptions.
Since 2004, Succeed in: Math!. bilingual software has been licensed
exclusively to districts and schools, providing math help to thousands of students
preparing for high stakes exams required for high school graduation.

Succeed in: Math!. software was developed using a unique, patent-pending
methodology for presenting information for its users. It creates a Personal
Instruction Plan based on each user´s needs. The program has been proven to
increase student learning and achievement and will change the way in which
educators use technology to enhance teaching strategies.

"Our exclusive, patent-pending methodology is able in pinpoint a student´s
weaknesses and create a remediation plan based on that student´s specific
needs", said Joel Rector, Chief Operations Officer. "In addition, the software
identifies student problems and actually knows what they´re thinking, based on
student input. The program determines the root of the problem and provides
appropriate math content, building a strong foundation of math skills."

The program incorporates a pre-test assessment with a library of bilingual math
content modules that combine text, graphics, animation and narration in both
English and Spanish. Upon completion of the personalized plan, the student is
given a post-test that measures success.

"We have seen up to a two letter grade increase in test scores among students
using our program. The Spanish option for English Language Learners made a
dramatic difference in success rate among Spanish-speaking students." Rector

With report after report showing U.S. students falling behind in math skills,
parents, teachers, schools and districts have been searching for tools that will
help improve grades and increase test scores.

In the next two years, twenty-six (26) states will require some form of mandatory
exit exam for high school graduation. By 2009, exit exams will affect over 70% of
all public school students. In states with mandatory exit exams, 50% of all first
time test takers fail; 32.4% fail the math portion on their first try. (State High
School Exit Exams, A Maturing Reform, Center on Education Policy, August
2005). Current national remediation costs are estimated upwards of 5.5% of total
school budgets and cost schools over $1 billion annually.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), 35% of all high
school seniors nationwide are below basic mathematics achievement levels, 48%
are at basic levels, 14% are considered proficient and only 2% are considered
advanced. For incoming college freshmen, only 43% enroll with college-entry
skills. (No One to Waste: A Report to Public Decision-Makers and Community
College Leaders, Robert McCabe, American Association of Community Colleges,

One of the biggest issues is district and school funding for remediation. Budgets
are stretched to the limit and cannot provide students with the help they need.
Teachers simply do not have the time or resources required to give personalized
attention to each student.

"There is overwhelming evidence that students need effective tools to prepare for
and become successful in mathematics. Succeed in: Math!. software provides
a PROVEN solution that helps students become successful." said Mr. Rector.
"Our web-based solution delivers anywhere, anytime access for all subscribers
from any Internet-connected computer. Students can use the program at home,
library or school; anywhere Internet access is available. We offer several
packages that make our software affordable for just about anyone."

The software is now available to students anywhere by Internet subscription at

About Succeed in: Math!.

Founded in 1994, Interactive Technologies of Nevada (ITN), developers of
Succeed in: Math!. software have designed and delivered over 700 hours of
computer based and web-based training programs for Fortune 500 clients in the
following areas:

* Technical/Mechanical
*Human Resources
*Information Management

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