CNN Student News Provides Coverage, Online Learning Tools for State of Union

On the day of President George W. Bush´s sixth State of the Union address, CNN Student News will provide educators and students with several resources in addition to its daily program to help them understand the impact of the speech, as well as the history of the State of the Union address itself.

The CNN Student News program for Tuesday, Jan. 23, will discuss the expectations surrounding Bush´s speech later that evening. The daily program for Wednesday, Jan. 24, will include highlights from the address and analysis. In addition to the availability of the CNN Student News daily 10-minute broadcast on CNN Headline News, the program is also streamed for the Web on CNN Student News can also be downloaded as a video podcast at and at CNN´s dedicated space at iTunes.

CNN Student News will offer several online learning tools focusing on the speech, including the "Learning Activity: Placing the State of the Union in Historical Context" and "Extra!: History of the State of the Union." "Extra" provides background and a Q&A about the State of the Union address, while "Learning Activity" challenges students to place the speech into a historical context, encouraging a discussion of the domestic and foreign policy issues facing the United States today. Additionally, CNN Student News offers an interactive State of the Union quiz, Frequently Asked Questions about the address and an online scavenger hunt designed to help students learn about the history and purpose of the speech.

CNN Student News, CNN´s cost-and-commercial-free educational program for middle and high schools is the cornerstone of Turner Learning and uses the vast resources of the CNN Worldwide to create news and information content specifically for the classroom. CNN Student News airs on Headline News, Monday – Friday throughout the school year at 3:12 a.m. (ET). The show is also streamed for the Web at CNN Student News, along with CNN Presents: Classroom Edition, is CNN´s contribution to Cable in the Classroom.

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