Securing the Learning Environment. Anywhere. Any Connection. Any Time.

Bandwidth. Security. Budget. These have been key concerns for educators and administrators since the Internet´s establishment in the classroom.
That isn´t to say the Internet has not been a great educational tool. But with it comes child predators, inappropriate content, threats to school networks and bandwidth-draining applications.

8e6 Technologies offers monitoring, filtering and reporting solutions that address the concerns of Internet-assisted learning, in addition to integrating easily into any existing network infrastructure. And with the introduction of the 8e6 Mobile Client securing the learning environment now extends beyond the classroom:

*Single-source provider–8e6 "owns" and supports the entire filtering and reporting solution

*"Pass-by Technology" provides unparalleled performance and scalability

*Dedicated appliances do not compromise other network/server functions

*Filters URLS, IM, P2P, anonymous proxies and other emerging threats

*Flexible reporting and archiving of Web activities

*Remote filtering for PC and Mac laptops

8e6 Technologies has played a significant role in filtering the Web for over 10 years. During that time the company´s products have been refined and specialized to meet the unique needs of education.
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