EMERYVILLE, CALIF. (January 24, 2007)–LeapFrog SchoolHouse, the school division of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LF), today announced the release of a new version of The Literacy Center that provides targeted instruction for English language learners (ELLs) as well as new tools for managing instruction for students in special education. The new version for ELLs includes interactive books with Spanish language support, new teacher resources for multilanguage classrooms, and almost 500 new activities specifically designed for students learning English.

The new program also employs a significantly expanded version of the Link to Lessons instructional management system, which enables teachers to plan individualized lessons with The Literacy Center curriculum. Offering more than 5,000 easy-to-implement activities for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction, Link to Lessons v3.0 also tracks student progress with comprehensive individual and classroom reports and allows teachers to create detailed lesson plans. Now available in three editions–PreK, Grades K1+, and English language development (ELD)–The Literacy Center differentiates instruction with unique learning technology that helps students build key reading skills.

Responding to the increasing demands of special education instruction and reporting, Link to Lessons v3.0 also introduces a new Individualized Education Plan (IEP) progress reporting feature that helps teachers manage progress against goals and objectives for students with special needs. In addition to support for special education reporting, The Literacy Center continues to support the most commonly used reading, early literacy, and ELD programs, and aligns to the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS®) assessment model. The updated version of the program also offers a new storage solution for improved organization of the program components and better classroom management.

A study conducted in Las Vegas schools in 2003, performed by RMC Research Corporation, concluded that The Literacy Center significantly enhanced kindergarten and grade 1 students´ performance on key early literacy skills. Kindergarten students who used The Literacy Center outperformed control counterparts by 33 percent on a test of phonological segmentation fluency; they also scored significantly higher on tests of initial sound fluency, nonsense word fluency, and general reading ability. Grade 1 students using The Literacy Center curriculum significantly outperformed control students on a measure of phoneme segmentation fluency, with ELLs in particular benefiting from this program.

"This new version of The Literacy Center represents the most comprehensive update that we have made to the program since it launched in 2000," said Mike Lorion, president of LeapFrog SchoolHouse. "We are confident that our approach to technology-based instruction, which offers one-to-one interactive learning regardless of a student´s access to computers, will continue to produce good results for students and teachers. Engaging instructional tools can motivate students at all skill levels to work more independently, which makes it easier for teachers to deliver individualized and small-group instruction in today´s mixed-ability classrooms."

The Literacy Center v2.0 includes three award-winning curriculum tools that engage, assess, and instruct:
*The LeapDesk workstation delivers explicit instruction in letter-name recognition, letter-sound recognition, and phonological awareness. In addition, the LeapDesk workstation provides assessment data that supports early intervention and tracks student progress.

*The LeapMat" learning surface uses sight, touch, and sound to teach letter names and sounds, and the spelling of three-letter words.

*The LeapPad® personal learning tool (PLT) helps students practice decoding words, learn letter names and sounds, and build reading fluency through repetition and individualized practice.

Purchasing Information

To discover how The Literacy Center v2.0 can help students become successful readers, please visit www.LeapFrogSchoolHouse.com/TheLiteracyCenter, or call LeapFrog SchoolHouse at 800-883-7430.

About LeapFrog SchoolHouse Division

LeapFrog SchoolHouse publishes research-based assessment and curriculum content for the PreKgrade 8 education market. Its interactive, multisensory curriculum programs and electronic learning aids are enhanced by LeapFrog´s proprietary technology-based personal learning tools (PLTs). These tools and programs enable teachers to personalize student instruction, instantly assess and monitor student progress relative to state and national standards, and easily integrate the programs into classroom learning. PLTs redefine the relationship between curriculum and technology, delivering portable, affordable, special-purpose learning devices to children. LeapFrog SchoolHouseä product areas currently include assessment, reading, language arts, math, English language development, and early literacy.

LeapFrog SchoolHouse´s multisensory products currently reach students in more than 100,000 classrooms across the United States with more than 200 interactive books and 500 skill cards, representing more than 6,500 pages of educational content. LeapFrog SchoolHouse is a business division within the Education & Training Group of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. Please visit www.LeapFrogSchoolHouse.com for additional information.

About LeapFrog Enterprises

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LF), is a leading designer, developer, and marketer of innovative, technology-based learning products and related proprietary content, dedicated to making learning effective and engaging for all ages, at homes and in schools, around the world. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Emeryville, California.

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