Scottsdale, Ariz. Jan. 24, 2007–Pearson Digital Learning (PDL), a leader in proven, comprehensive technologies for preK-12 education, has released two Web-based solutions for helping English language learners (ELL) achieve required levels of English proficiency and meet the accountability mandates of No Child Left Behind. Through the company´s acquisition of ELLIS Inc. in June 2006, PDL has created newly enhanced and updated versions of the award-winning ELLIS English language learning software: ELLIS Essentials Version 2.6 for the elementary grades and ELLIS Academic Version 5.0 for middle school, high school and adult learners.

According to U.S. Department of Education estimates, more than 5.5 million students qualified as English language learners during the 2004-05 school year. The vast number of students, coupled with a wide variety of native languages, teaching strategies that vary from state to state,
and strict Adequately Yearly Progress requirements, has schools looking for flexible, technology-based solutions that address a wide range of proficiency levels.

Based on more than 30 years´ research on Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), the ELLIS solutions utilize the Watch-Learn-Practice-Play/Perform method that closely follows the natural pattern of language acquisition. Through videos that depict real-life situations, integrated language skills, embedded assessment and reporting functionality, ELLIS provides self-paced lessons and unlimited opportunities to practice with immediate feedback and results measurement.

"Over the past several decades, Pearson Digital Learning has amassed an impressive database of results that demonstrate the power of our research-based digital learning solutions including SuccessMaker®, NovaNET® and the Waterford Early Learning" products," said Peggy Kinder, vice president of education for Pearson Digital Learning. "By applying this expertise to the ELLIS solutions, we´ve created comprehensive solutions that will help teachers quickly move English language learners of every age toward English language proficiency."

ELLIS Essentials Version 2.6
Designed for elementary grades, ELLIS Essentials quickly gauges learners´ abilities, prescribes targeted instruction and tracks progress in order to create individualized paths to language mastery. Categorized into three age-appropriate modules — Essentials Beginnings (for beginning literacy), Essentials Level 1 and Essentials level 2 — ELLIS´ multimedia lesson content consists of real-life social and cultural situations, authentic language contexts and native speech that will help students move more effectively toward English language proficiency.

The software also features instructional tools such as slow audio functionality, voice recording, pronunciation modeling and comparison to a native speaker and immediate feedback capabilities. The Beginnings module offers native language support in 17 languages while the other two modules have 13. ELLIS Essentials come with supplemental materials such as an instructor guide, printable student workbooks, certificates of completion and pre-translated parent letters available in multiple languages.

ELLIS Academic Version 5.0
Addressing the needs of students in grades 7-12 as well as adult learners, ELLIS Academic consists of five modules: Basics, Intro, Middle Mastery, Senior Mastery and Master Pronunciation. Designed for a wide range of proficiencies, the software places users at the proper instructional level and provides comprehensive aid and optional quality native language translations for Spanish, Chinese Cantonese, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole and Hmong,

As with Essentials, Academic´s multimedia lesson content incorporates digital audio and video, and provides engaging, self-paced lessons and practice opportunities through real-life situation videos, integrated language skills, authentic samples of spoken language, voice recording and role play.

Academic´s interface includes navigational features that provide students with easy access to program tools and the software´s 24-hour secure Internet access enables users to learn English at any time via any Internet-connected computer. Embedded assessment, management and reporting features provide immediate feedback and results measurement while enabling instructors to design individualized or whole group learning paths. Both ELLIS products will be supported by PDL´s Contact Center offering comprehensive telephone, email, and Internet support daily.

Pricing and Shipping
PDL customers with SuccessMaker, KnowledgeBox or Waterford licenses are eligible for discounts on Essentials 2.6. Users of existing Essentials products can cost-effectively update their software, regardless of the prior version or configuration.

Purchasers of Academic 5.0 can obtain annual subscriptions per-station–concurrent user licenses. Multi-year contract discounts are available and users or purchasers of NovaNET are also eligible for discounts. Users of existing Academic products can cost-effectively update their software, regardless of the prior version or configuration.

About Pearson Digital Learning

At Pearson Digital Learning our mission is to provide innovative, research-based digital learning solutions that elevate the art and science of teaching, and inspire children to reach their greatest potential. Reaching more than 20 million students annually, our products include: the SuccessMaker® Enterprise and NovaNET® educational courseware; and the KnowledgeBox® digital learning system. Pearson Digital Learning is also the exclusive distributor for the Waterford Early Reading Program and Waterford Early Math & Science, adaptive computer-based instruction developed by the nonprofit Waterford Institute.

Pearson Digital Learning is part of Pearson Education the world´s leading integrated education company, which in turn is part of Pearson (NYSE: PSO) the international media company. More information can be found at:

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