MCHENRY, IL–January 24, 2007–District administrators will have an easier time
making effective, data-driven decisions thanks to the new Report Builder being introduced with the latest version of the Destiny Resource Management Solution" from Follett Software Company.

Destiny is the most widely used Educational Resource Management (ERM) system in U.S. schools. Destiny Version 7.0 features a Report Builder that employs an easy-to-use wizard interface. Nontechnical users can now view reports in HTML or export to XML format for easy import into a spreadsheet. District staff can easily edit, modify, sort and filter the reports and push them down so they can be used at each site. Sites share results with the district or with other schools, so all decision makers can analyze trends and make informed decisions. There´s no minimum or limit to the size of each report. The Report Builder works with all Destiny modules, and can even combine patron data from multiple modules into a single report.

"The new Report Builder in Destiny fully leverages all the data districts capture while managing their educational resources," said Follett Software Company President Tom Schenck. "With the reports that are now possible, district administrators can act directly to improve instruction, reduce waste and save budget dollars," Schenck said.

Follett has made a number of other improvements to the Destiny Resource Management Solution in this new release:

* Destiny Library Manager: The flagship product in the suite lets K-12 districts offer complete library management services to all schools from a single installation via any supported web browser. Plus, it offers tools to help connect the library and the classroom. Search functions in the program have also been improved, including a function that allows English-speaking students to search screens that have been translated to Spanish and French.

* Destiny Textbook Manager: This award-winning, easy-to-use system gives districts and
schools total control of their textbook inventory, increasing accessibility and accountability. Textbook Manager now also includes a forecasting feature that lets users see the anticipated demand for textbooks by comparing current usage with enrollment data.

*Destiny Media Manager: Designed to help districts make sure that students get the learning resources they need, Destiny Media Manager is one of the first browser-based solutions that allows teachers to search for, reserve and track all kinds of district instructional media, including software, videos, activity kits, manipulatives and more. The latest version provides an option for district media centers to configure delivery dates on a per school basis. This is ideal for districts that do not ship materials every day to each school.

* Destiny Asset Manager: Follett recently expanded Destiny with Asset Manager, which
provides browser-based tracking and management of all of a district´s fixed and portable assets.

The system optimizes access, availability and use of assets, and improves asset accountability throughout the district. Destiny Asset Manager helps districts improve their control of vital assets such as laptops, PDAs, AV equipment, band instruments, maintenance equipment and more.

About Destiny Resource Management Solution

Destiny Resource Management Solution is an integrated suite of browser-based applications that streamlines the control of instructional assets, allowing K-12 districts to devote more time and resources to student learning. The Destiny Resource Management Solution helps districts save time and money through central management of key resources, resulting in enhanced achievement, increased collaboration, and maximized investments and accountability for districtwide resources.

About Follett

Over the past two decades, Follett Software Company has evolved from being the largest
provider of K-12 library automation solutions to being the leading provider of Educational Resource Management (ERM) solutions. The company´s flagship product–Destiny Resource Management Solution –is an integrated suite of browser-based applications that centralizes management of library materials, media, textbooks and fixed and portable assets. The company recently acquired TetraData, the nation´s leading provider of data warehousing, analysis and reporting solutions for K-12 districts. Leveraging technology to streamline administrative tasks, drive accountability,
engage students and encourage achievement, Follett Software solutions are helping educators shape the future through data-driven decision making.

Follett Software is a subsidiary of Follett Corporation–a $2.2 billion, privately-held
company that provides products, services and solutions to the educational marketplace. Follett Corporation was founded in 1873 and has its headquarters in River Grove, Illinois. For more information, visit the company´s web site at or call 800-323-3397.

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