AirWave Expands Portfolio with AirWave Wireless Management Suite Version 5.0 Software Release

San Mateo, CA–January 29, 2007– AirWave Wireless, the leader in wireless network management and security, announced today its new AirWave Wireless Management Suite 5.0 software with specific enhancements for enterprises, service providers, and other large organizations. The company also introduced the new "Enterprise Edition," which allows customers to take advantage of today´s multi-processor servers to manage wireless networks with thousands of devices from a single server.

The new 5.0 release greatly expands the capabilities of the AirWave Wireless Management Suite, which is already used by approximately 400 organizations and service providers worldwide to manage wireless networks ranging from 25 to 25,000+ access points. The new AirWave software supports a broad range of WiFi solutions, including both controller-based systems and autonomous access points, and now even encompasses mesh and WiMax infrastructure.

"As their wireless networks mature and grow, many of our customers are now making plans to deliver wireless access literally everywhere–indoors and outdoors, in huge warehouses and small remote offices," said AirWave CEO Gary Hegna. "Building an affordable, reliable Everywhere Network´ typically requires multiple technologies and wireless architectures, sometimes from many different hardware vendors. Our goal is to meet IT´s need for a single console for centralized control and visibility to easily manage that diversity," he added.

"As wireless networks begin to reach everywhere in the enterprise, organizations are using multiple wireless technologies and architectures. These enterprises require integrated management consoles, no matter how many products or technologies are utilized," observed Gartner analyst Rachna Ahlawat.

Rather than choosing a ´one-size-fits-all´ hardware solution, large enterprises, service providers and other organizations are now selecting the most appropriate wireless technology for each environment and set of applications. "At Fairfax County Public Schools, we´re using primarily standard enterprise access points indoors, but have had to start installing mesh devices to reach our portable classroom trailers, athletic facilities, concession stands, schools under construction and other locations where it would be extremely expensive to pull cables for traditional APs," said Neal Shelton, the district´s Network Engineering Supervisor. "AirWave 5.0´s flexibility makes its easy to use multiple technologies without changing support processes and retraining staff for several different solutions," he noted.

AirWave 5.0 also introduces "Universal Device Support," which enables more intelligent root-cause analysis by monitoring key components of the wired network infrastructure that directly impact the performance of the wireless network. With UDS, when a user calls to report that wireless access is unavailable in a location the Help Desk can tell at a glance whether upstream switches, RADIUS servers, and other components of the infrastructure are functioning normally before investigating wireless-specific issues.

The 5.0 software also includes other critical features for large wireless networks in hundreds or thousands of locations:

*Custom Compliance Audit permits the Security Team to specify exactly which configuration violations should generate high priority alerts when detected–to ensure compliance without being flooded with thousands of meaningless alarms.

*Enhanced user interface with "QuickView" maps that allow the Help Desk to instantly locate users and devices on the network

*Google Earth integration to locate outdoor devices and view coverage areas on a map

*3-D navigation to call up location maps for campuses, buildings, and specific floors–all with the click of a button.

In addition, the newly announced AirWave Enterprise Edition package can support up to 2,500 devices from a single server–without requiring separate location servers or other appliances, helping IT reduce the number of servers to be administered in extremely large networks–such as those operated by large service providers. For the largest wireless networks, with tens of thousands of devices, the newly enhanced AirWave Master Console provides a single console even as the management load is distributed across multiple servers.

The new software will be introduced next week at the Gartner Wireless and Mobility Summit in Grapevine, TX and will be commercially available in February 2007.

About AirWave

AirWave Wireless, Inc. is the leading developer of network management software solutions that provide administrators a single point of intelligent control to monitor, analyze, and configure their wireless network infrastructure. The privately held company is headquartered in San Mateo, California, and is backed by investors Westbury Equity Partners, Ignition Partners and Idealab. The company´s patent-pending AirWave Management Platform software is sold through a global network of value-added resellers and systems integrators. For more information, visit the company´s website at

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