Atomic Learning Serves Over 1,000,000 Students and Educators in Florida with Recent Addition of Brevard County Public Schools

LITTLE FALLS, MN–January 23, 2007–Brevard County Public Schools in Florida recently chose Atomic Learning to assist in the improvement of technology education for over 80,000 students, teachers, and staff. Atomic Learning is now serving more than 1,000,000 students and teachers in over 1,200 schools in Florida.

Atomic Learning´s ( award-winning, web-based software training helps schools provide training on common applications students and teachers use everyday. The training is delivered via short (one to three-minute), easy-to-understand tutorial movies that provide personal, on-demand answers to those ´How do I do that?´ questions. Atomic Learning´s library contains over 25,000 tutorial movies on more than 100 different software applications.

"If we are to continue assessing the technology skills of all teachers, it stands to reason that we must also provide equitable resources aimed at perpetually building those skills," says Matthew Frey, manager of Brevard´s Educational Training and Customer Support team. "While face-to-face training will always have its place, logistically it is nearly impossible to reach every teacher that way. With Atomic Learning, Brevard´s teachers will have access to a full compliment of software training resources. Best of all, those resources are a few short clicks away at the exact moment a teacher needs them."

Atomic Learning also provides various engaging project-based lessons that help teachers incorporate technology into the curriculum. Along with these student-focused resources, there are also multiple workshops to help improve technology literacy for faculty and staff.

"We are thrilled to partner with Brevard County School District," says Chuck Amos, Atomic Learning´s CEO. "One of Brevard County´s primary objectives for 2007 and beyond is to better prepare students for their future careers or for continuing education. Atomic Learning shares that goal and believes that technology literacy plays a large role in achieving that goal. We are dedicated to assisting Brevard with their ongoing commitment to student preparedness."

About Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning, Inc. was formed in 2000 by a group of technology educators with a mission to create useful and affordable online products focused on teaching people how to effectively use technology. Atomic Learning delivers a library of thousands of short, easy-to-view-and-understand tutorial movies that can be used as an integral part of a professional development program, a valuable curriculum supplement, and an anytime/anywhere software training resource. Atomic Learning now serves more than 5,000 schools and universities in all 50 states and over 30 countries worldwide, as well as individuals and organizations in a variety of other industries. For more information, visit

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