Orem, UT–January 30, 2007–Today, Makau Corporation, your next-generation training partner and your iPod training expert, announced the launch of its much anticipated Level 2 of the iPod e-learning which instructs users on how to use their Video iPod now available and FREE to the public on www.makaucorp.com.

Earlier this month, thousands of people logged on to the Makau website to participate in Level 1 iPod training. As promised, today, Makau has released Level 2 of its well-received free iPod training course. Makau´s second iPod course module covers how to get music, movies, photos, and training onto your iPod. It also covers iPod menus and settings, how to customize them, how to locate and enjoy your media clips, and how the iPod can improve your effectiveness and productivity through the extras menu built into your iPod.

According to Geoff Power, iPod mentor and host who is the face and voice that instructs users how to use their iPods, he has received feedback from users across the nation thanking him and Makau for coming up with instructions that actually help them be able to use their iPod.

"Other than the cotton swab, the iPod is the best thing you can stick in your ear," said Power. "Thanks to Makau, and John Jacob, everyone from grandfathers to my niece can now easily solve the mystery of how to use the iPod."
John Jacob, chairman of Makau Corporation, says he not only came up with the idea for creating a resource for frustrated iPod users, but he also had the idea to offer free sample courses on PowerPoint and Word 2003 scheduled to be launched next week.
According to Dan Smith, CEO of Makau Corporation, Makau has had an overwhelmingly positive response from iPod users all over the world.

"When John Jacob thought of the idea to provide this free training on how to use your iPod we wondered how many people out there would use it," said Smith. "The response
to Level 1 was so significant that were excited to see the response to Level 2."
To get your free Level 1 and Level 2 iPod training courses free from Makau, go to www.makaucorp.com and click on free iPod training at the bottom of the page. The training is also available as part of the Makau Learning Appliance, a learning management system and library loaded on a server that resides behind an organization´s firewall.


Makau, your Training Partner, offers enterprise-wide, 24/7 delivery of next-generation and custom courses in partnership with training professionals, converting cost centers into revenue streams.

By partnering with Makau, organizations bridge the gap from:
*Training the top few to enterprise-wide learning
*Classroom-only instruction to customized, blended delivery
*Trainer limitations to unlimited e-learning delivery
*Mandated schedule to 24/7 availability
*High capital investment to flexible cost-sharing

Makau combines advanced e-learning with traditional on-site workshops. We employ rapid-development tools to create media-enhanced custom content. Using our SCORM-compliant LMS, Makau improves IT and professional skills course delivery over networks and the internet.

Makau Corporation is a private company established in 2002.
For more information please visit www.makaucorp.com or contact 801-224-9449 or pr@makaucorp.com.

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