New Dimension Media Appoints Shannon Rivers and Karen Butterfield as Regional Managers

CHICAGO, IL (January 25, 2007) New Dimension Media announced the appointment of Shannon Rivers and Karen Butterfield as Regional Managers to implement New Dimension Media´s full line of K-12 video products and video on demand technology.

Rivers will be the Regional Manager in the Southeast, including Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. Butterfields´ Northeast region will include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Rivers and Butterfield come to New Dimension Media from Sunburst Technology, where they were responsible for sales and implementation of educational technology for their respective territories.

Rivers is a 16-year veteran in technology sales. "I´m very excited to join New Dimension Media because I have such confidence in the leadership of this company," she said. "It has such a good reputation, and I´m confident that we can make a big difference in schools and with 21st century learners with not only our quality programming, but with our new CCC! Video on Demand technology."

New Dimension Media offers teachers flexibility in how they present media to their students, Rivers also noted. "One of the biggest challenges teachers face is that they have too much to do and too little time, "she said. "No matter in what format they want one of programs, we can provide it for them, whether it be DVD, VHS, VOD or ITV."

Butterfield also comes to New Dimension Media from Sunburst Technology, where she worked for more than 13 years. She also taught English in a Brooklyn high school and many K-12 subjects as a teacher in the Westchester suburban schools. "As a former teacher," she said, "the educational soundness of CCC! Video on demand technology is something that is very attractive to me. All of the programs are correlated to states´ standards. When I was a teacher, if you wanted to use video, you really had to work at it. The quality of the programming available from New Dimension Media and on CCC! Video on demand, and the flexibility of the system allows teachers to use video interactively, which is more likely to engage students."

About New Dimension Media

New Dimension Media (NDM) is recognized as one of the leading producers of original K-12 core curriculum video content to schools. Since 2002, NDM has produced 44 series and 417 programs. Founded in 1979 and based in Chicago, NDM boasts a distinguished library of Social Studies, Language Arts, Mathematics, Health and Guidance titles. Every NDM title is correlated to all state, national and Canadian provincial standards. They are also available on VHS and DVD, and for educational broadcast.

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