New product from NetOp Tech enhances effectiveness of IT-based training and knowledge sharing

Chicago–January 31, 2007 — NetOp Tech Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Danish IT company, Danware A/S, launched today in the United States NetOp® Instruct–a user-friendly plug-and-play program for IT-based training and knowledge sharing in companies and businesses.

"Knowledge sharing and competence development are important competitive parameters for all modern companies," said Danware´s chief executive officer Peter Grondahl. We are therefore launching a solution that facilitates varied, IT-based training and at the same time makes it easy to share information and knowledge internally in an organization. In many companies, internal training and knowledge sharing still consists of mainly PowerPoint presentations, but with NetOp® Instruct, we can offer a solution that is much more dynamic,"

NetOp® Instruct is well suited for internal training situations including introduction courses for new employees. With NetOp® Instruct, the instructor can plan and carry out the entire training from his or her own screen. And during the training, the instructor can follow what the participants are doing on their screens and involve the them, for example, by letting them take over the presentation to the rest of the group.

Training can also be interactive; course participants can communicate on a one-to-one basis with each other or with the entire group at the same time. It is also possible to transfer sound, pictures and video between the participants´ screens.

More than a training tool

NetOp® Instruct is not just limited to use in a training setting. The program also makes it possible to quickly and effectively inform people about important information, and it offers new opportunities for collaboration between employees.

"During the Parisian mayoral elections in 2001, NetOp® technology was used to transfer the latest election results to the screens in the pressrooms where journalists were following the developments intensely," said NetOp Tech Inc. country manager, Jason Vargovchik. "Companies can use NetOp® Instruct in the same way–to transfer updated information quickly and securely to TV and computer screens placed around a company. This is often very important for companies that have a large production environment."

NetOp® Instruct is also very conducive for internal teamwork in organizations:

"A team can closely follow the developments of a particular project while one of the team members is working on the project, said Vargovchik. The other team members can, at any time, take control using a shared screen and in this way take over the ´baton´. We call this the ´pass the chalk´ principal, and it is relevant for project-orientated companies, where many different departments work together across the organisation."

NetOp® Instruct uses less than 15 MB of disk space and works with both LAN and WAN networks. The program supports an 802.11 g wireless network as well as all current Windows operating systems.

More than 80 countries across the world can access NetOp® Instruct. Download a free trial version of NetOp® Instruct at


NetOp Tech, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Danware, a Danish based software company. Danware´s core business is to develop and market, through a certified channel of NetOp Partners, software products based on the NetOp core technology–a technology enabling swift, secure and seamless transfer of screens, sound and data between two or more products.


Based in Birkerod, Denmark, Danware A/S develops and markets NetOp software products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. In 2005, Danware reported sales of about $15.5 million. Danware´s shares are listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and are a component of the Small Cap+ index. For more information, visit the Danware Web site at

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