uPortal Consortium Expands Membership Outreach and Benefits to Institutions & Commercial Partners

PRINCETON, NJ — January 24, 2007 — JA-SIG, the non-profit organization focusing on the sharing of open technology in higher education, today announced a new membership program and benefits designed to attract worldwide educational institutions and commercial supporters of its enterprise open source applications, including: uPortal, CAS (Centralized Authentication Service), and HyperContent (the full-featured web content management application). The uPortal Project has reached new levels of maturity as adoption continues and technology contributions are received from institutions and commercial partners. With this increasing market penetration, JA-SIG is expanding its membership outreach and program benefits to support additional organizational growth, increased institutional participation, and broader commercial support. Membership information can be found at: http://www.JA-SIG.org/membership.html and the uPortal software can be downloaded at: http://uportal.org/release/allReleases.html.

"As the uPortal community expands globally, it is important that the JA-SIG organization also grows and evolves in order to best serve the community, our institutional members, and commercial affiliates," said Jonathan Markow, Chairman of the JA-SIG Board of Directors. "The success of our new membership program will allow us to provide the product development planning and organizational structure needed to maintain uPortal, and our other applications, as robust open source alternatives to proprietary software. And, our members will now be able to actively participate in the organization by nominating and voting on board members and by serving on project steering committees."

"JA-SIG continues to be a valuable asset for higher education and serves as a community focal point for key technologies like uPortal," said David W. Koehler, Director of Information Systems, Cornell Information Technologies, Cornell University. "uPortal has been very successful in our institution and we continue to take advantage of its impressive and growing functionality."
"Unicon has been involved with uPortal and JA-SIG from the beginning and we´re proud to be one of their oldest supporters and strongest commercial affiliate partners," said John C. Blakley, CEO of Unicon, Inc. "The stage is now being set by the new uPortal 3 and the JA-SIG organization to achieve even greater levels of product functionality and market penetration."

uPortal is one of the most widely deployed open source enterprise portal frameworks, having been developed by and for higher education and adopted by hundreds of institutions and the eResearch community in over twenty countries (see partial list here: http://www.uportal.org/who-prod.html). The uPortal Project has reached new levels of maturity as adoption continues to grow and a new wave of institutions search for campus portal technology. In addition to maintaining the current production versions and working on future releases, the community has recently formalized development plans and a product release strategy. uPortal is also the core of several commercial enterprise portal products, reaching colleges and universities in a variety of deployment options and support models.

JA-SIG´s two other software projects also enjoy success. CAS has gained wide adoption within higher education for single sign-on enterprise authentication. HyperContent is used on university campuses to help manage distributed web content.

New JA-SIG Member Organizations

Institutional Members:
— BCcampus — University of Delaware
— Cornell University — University of Guelph
— Dalhousie University — University of Hull
— Duke University — University of Kansas Medical Center
— Indiana University — University of Manitoba
— Juniata College — University of Michigan
— Princeton University — University of Rennes 1
— Queens University — University of Winnipeg
— Rutgers University — University of Wisconsin-Madison
— Rider University — University of Valenciennes
— Simon Fraser University — Virginia Tech
— University of British Columbia — York University
— University of California, Irvine

Commercial Affiliates:
— SunGard Higher Education
— Sun Microsystems
— Unicon, Inc.

About uPortal

From the JA-SIG consortium, uPortal is a free, downloadable, sharable, open source enterprise portal collaboratively developed by higher education, for higher education. Utilizing Java, Extensible Markup Language (XML), JavaServer Pages Technology (JSP) and Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies, the uPortal framework enables easy, standards-based integration with authentication and security applications, single sign on secure access, and end user customization.

About JA-SIG

JA-SIG, Inc. is a non-profit (501(c)3), international consortium of educational institutions and commercial affiliates supporting open source software development and promoting open computing architectures for higher education. JA-SIG has been in operation for over seven years, holding semi-annual conferences and sponsoring open source software applications like uPortal, the enterprise-grade portal solution; CAS, a flexible Central Authentication Service deployed for single sign-on; and HyperContent, lightweight but powerful web content management. For more information, visit the JA-SIG website at www.ja-sig.org.

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