Mitel Heats Up The Weather Network with Cool IP Solutions

Ottawa, Ontario, January 31, 2007–When The Weather Network felt the time had come to add to their unparalleled forecasting abilities with reliable and predictable IP communications solutions and applications, they turned to Ottawa-based Mitel® to do the job.

Mitel, the trusted provider of IP communications and solutions, was given the task of unifying The Weather Network´s 225 employees through hot desking and four-digit dialing regardless of whether they were in either the Toronto or Montreal office at the time. To accomplish this task, the Mitel Teleworker Solution, Mitel IP phones, and the Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) were used to allow The Weather Network employees to keep their usual four-digit extensions regardless of which office–or even which desk–they use.

"We´re the leading weather TV station in the country," said facilities manager Jackie Adam, "so we need to be sure we´re using innovative technology in all facets of our business. Also, many of our staff travel between the two offices. It was very difficult to reach them quickly before, but hot desking has made it as easy as if they´re right here. They customize whichever phone they happen to be using and then people can still dial the usual four-digit extension. No matter where they are, they´re good to go."

While Adam says The Weather Network plans to continue adding new solutions to the Mitel infrastructure, every journey begins with that first step. She said "things are working very well," and that an added surprise was how easy it is to manage. "We´re sending someone to training so that we can handle the system ourselves. This saves time and money and gives us control over how we use the system."

Speed and accuracy can be crucial when information on storms and how to report them is needed, said Mitel president chief operating officer Paul Butcher. "The Weather Network knows the value of sending and receiving important communications quickly and accurately. The combination of the Teleworker Solution, IP phones and the 3300 ICP work to allow enterprise of all sizes to communicate in real time, every time." As for simplicity and features, Butcher said it couldn´t be easier or more robust. "It´s the same phone you use every day at work, so when you get to another location or your home office, features like voice mail and programmable keys follow you wherever you go."

Mitel Solution Provider Introtel e.Networks enhanced the deal with unparalleled customer service, one reason why Adam has enjoyed such a seamless transition.

The Teleworker Solution enables businesses of all sizes to easily enjoy the benefits of teleworking through a low-cost, "plug-and-work" solution that extends the corporate network to virtually any location. Businesses can now benefit from reduced overhead and increased employee retention while users can be more flexible and productive in how they work.

About The Weather Network

Pelmorex Media Inc, owner of The Weather Network, provides 24/7 weather-related information that affects everything from industry, recreation, agriculture and the environment, to the day-to-day lives of Canadians. With the most up-to-date weather information across all media including cable, satellite, Internet, wireless, and newspapers, The Weather Network is a highly accessible, reliable and frequently used weather source. The Weather Network is among the most widely distributed and frequently consulted television network in Canada. The website, is ranked with Canada´s leading web services and is positioned as number one for News and Information sites. The Weather Network is the undisputed leader of weather information services in Canada.

About Introtel e.Networks

Introtel e.Networks is a leading business systems integrator. The company designs, installs, maintains and manages flexible, comprehensive communications infrastructures for their customers. Founded in 1981 as a voice company, Introtel has evolved into a full-service systems integrator with a focus on converged applications. Introtel has built a reputation for excellence through a combination of innovative solutions, flexible and easy-to-use technologies, and outstanding customer support. Introtel offers a diverse, vendor-independent portfolio of best-in-class data, voice, IP and multimedia products that can be modified to suit custom requirements. Their leading edge technology when combined with their application expertise and commitment to service excellence ensures that the company´s customers get business solutions that they can depend on.

About Mitel

Mitel is a leading provider of integrated communications solutions and services for business customers. Mitel´s voice-centric IP-based communications solutions consist of a combination of telephony hardware and software that integrate voice, video and data communications with business applications and processes. These solutions enable our customers to realize significant cost benefits and to conduct their business more efficiently and effectively by enabling enhanced communications, information sharing and collaboration within a business and with customers, partners and suppliers. Mitel is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, with offices, partners and resellers worldwide. For more information, visit

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