Walton Foundation Grant Enables 14 Arkansas Schools to Add DDI´s HELP Program to Curriculum

Boulder, CO–January 31, 2007–Two Arkansas School Districts have added Digital Directions International, Inc.´s (DDI) Help with English Language Proficiency (HELP) Program to their curriculum plans with the aid of a grant from the Walton Family Foundation. Arkansas´ Springdale and Rogers School Districts will provide HELP to 14 of their middle and high schools with close to 25,000 students. Almost a third of these students are considered English language learners (ELL). The HELP Program has proven meritable to philanthropic organizations that have awarded several grants to schools to implement HELP. Research has shown over a 70% increase in the math ability of ELL students using the HELP program.

Barbara Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, DDI, said, "The Walton Foundation is dedicated to improving educational opportunities in K-12 education. Their investment will greatly impact the success of the ELL students in these Arkansas schools well beyond their school years."

The HELP Program is designed to help middle and high school students learn math skills and content. It is particularly well suited for the large and growing Hispanic student population. School districts that incorporate HELP into their curriculum have seen demonstrated improvements in mathematics and have discovered that students really love learning with the program. Additionally, HELP can be accessed in the home, which allows non-English speaking parents to participate more fully in their child´s learning.

"The Springdale and Rogers School Districts have researched supplemental curriculum to help our English Language Learners with math," said Judith Hobson, ESOL Program Director, Springdale School District. "With DDI´s HELP Program we found a curriculum that will not only improve ELL´s math ability but also will improve the speed of their language acquisition and their overall self-esteem."

About Digital Directions International

Digital Direction´s International, Inc., a Colorado based Education Technology Company, is the creator of the HELP Program (Help with English Language Proficiency), a proven online supplementary curriculum designed to remove language barriers in learning. HELP is a researched based math curriculum and recipient of a significant U.S. Department of Education grant. HELP lessons are aligned to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards and to state content standards. Visit www.helpprogram.net to learn more.

About The Springdale and Rogers School Districts

The Springdale and Rogers School Districts strive to ensure that all children in their districts have access to a quality education by providing educators, administrators and staff with leadership, resources and training. The need to stay abreast of any and all current resources and training in order to give the teachers in the classrooms more tools has never been greater for these two school districts. With a staff of approximately 2000 professionals between the two along with being the two largest Hispanic populated districts in the state, the commitment to educate all children still remains their focus.

About The Walton Family Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation, Inc. was established as the culmination of the philanthropic interests of the family of Sam M. and Helen R. Walton. The Family´s purpose in establishing the Foundation was to focus their philanthropic efforts to assure that their charitable giving would have the most positive impact. Traditional District School Improvement is a focused goal of the Foundation. Grants are based on the initiative´s ability to improve educational opportunities for traditional district school students in grades K-12 through supporting educational reform initiatives that adhere to the principles of Accountability, Transparency, Choice and Incentives.

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