Check out this new software implementation checklist from SIIA

To help ed-tech leaders ensure that new technologies are properly installed and integrated into the curriculum, the education division of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) has released a new software implementation checklist for schools. The checklist is the result of more than a year’s review of existing best practices. SIIA gathered information on effective school software implementation practices through a survey of both educational software vendors and the schools that buy their products. The checklist includes an overview of 10 basic concepts that underlie all successful software implementations. For instance, you must define your objectives before you plan, and plan before you implement; involve all stakeholders in the planning process, and get their buy-in for performing their assigned responsibilities; include an evaluation component and criteria for determining success; and assign an effective leader, with appropriate decision-making authority, to manage the implementation. The full checklist is available at the SIIA web site.

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