Absolute Software gains embedded BIOS support for Computrace theft protection across all top-tier PC manufacturers

December 13, 2005  Absolute™ Software (Absolute) (TSX: ABT), the leading provider of computer theft protection and secure asset tracking solutions, today announced the availability of Computrace support in the BIOS across all four of the top tier PC manufacturers commercial notebook lines.

Absolute first announced BIOS support for its theft protection technology with IBM/Lenovo on February 1, 2005; followed by announcements with Gateway on August 9th and HP on October 4th. Today, Dell announced a set of customer solutions that leverages Dells embedded BIOS support for Computrace allowing customers to address issues of regulatory compliance, data protection and PC theft recovery. Absolutes patented technology, embedded partner BIOS support and innovative security services provide customers with a unique ability to solve compliance, data privacy and theft issues.

Todays customer announcement by Dell substantiates that Absolute is providing significant value to our partners and customers. Customers will now have easier access to Absolutes leading theft protection solution as well as improved tamper-resistance for securely and accurately tracking their computer assets and protecting the data stored on them.

In order to activate Computrace in the BIOS, customers need to purchase a subscription to Absolutes computer security services from their PC manufacturer or Absolute. In the event a computer is stolen, Absolute works with local law enforcement to recover the computer and can remotely delete sensitive data from the stolen computer when data privacy is a concern. If the computer is not recovered within 60 days, customers may be eligible for a Recovery Guarantee payment of up to $1000*. In addition, Absolute provides customers with a cost-effective solution for tracking computer location, providing computer hardware/software inventories, managing lease returns and enabling software title tracking, license compliance and data protection.

* Certain terms and conditions apply  see www.absolute.com for details

Telephone: 1-800-220-073

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