BrainPOP offers video about avian flu

(From T+L² 2005)

BrainPOP showcased its diverse library of instructional videos for schools, including its latest feature about the avian flu. This animated film aims to ease growing panic by explaining the origins of the bird flu and helping students understand the nature of the threat. The company also recently announced a major change to its subscription model. For the first time, students who use BrainPOP in the classroom can gain access from their homes to the company’s wide array of animated movies, quizzes, comics, and activities. The 12-month School + Home Access subscription is being offered at an introductory rate of $1,350 per school site, per year for a limited time. In related news, the company announced that it has contracted with public school districts in Palm Beach County, Fla., and Jefferson County, Ky., to provide its services to another 165,000 students.

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