Store and manage email lists, create and send professional messages, and report on the success of each mailing.

With Bronto, you can communicate with your prospects and customers with professional messages and measure the results of each activity.

A Convenient Web-Based Solution
With no system requirements or major initial investment, you can start immediately. Because Bronto is a web-based application, you have nothing to install and need no additional support staff. With only a web browser and an internet connection, you are ready to go, whether in the heart of Manhattan or atop the molten peak of Mt. Doom.

Manage Your Lists to Send Relevant Messages
Good marketing starts with a targeted audience. Add and store contact data in your account and use Bronto tools to easily segment those contacts into targeted groups for personalized, relevant mailings.

Build Creative Content
Build impressive templates and emails to reinforce your marketing message and maintain brand consistency with your other marketing programs.

Read Reports, See Results
Unlike many other marketing activities, email messages can be tracked, giving you the ability to measure success with each mailing without waiting days or weeks for results. With such quick feedback, you can easily change your messages and test a new approach.

Integrate Bronto with Your Organization’s Systems
Another critical factor to your success is the ability for your email marketing program to talk with other systems that may hold customer data. Find out more about the Bronto API.

Learn More
For more information about how Bronto can help you manage your email marketing, contact us with your questions or call 1-888-BRONTO1.

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