Califone International and Recorded Books LLC announced the Stone Audio-Enhanced Classroom Grants project

Califone International, a provider of audio/visual supplemental products, in conjunction with Recorded Books LLC, a provider of audiobooks and reading instructional materials, announced the Stone Audio-Enhanced Classroom Grants project. Califone and Recorded Books say they are interested in demonstrating the effectiveness of literacy instruction with the use of unabridged audiobooks and classroom-appropriate audio equipment to improve reading ability and attitudes, particularly for struggling readers. Grant proposals should include descriptions of how the Audio-Enhanced Classroom Kit will be used to improve reading comprehension, fluency, and other reading skills and to motivate students to enjoy reading. Proposals also should address the methodology used to measure success in these areas. Three Audio-Enhanced Classroom Kits, along with recorded books at the appropriate reading level, will be awarded. Each package reportedly is a $5,000 value. Applications must be submitted no later than April 30.

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