CeledyDraw 2

Celedy Software announced its new CeledyDraw 2 graphic design and desktop publishing program. The company says CeledyDraw 2 was designed for ease of use, powerful features, and affordability. For teachers, Celedy says, the solution is great for laying out handouts and worksheets and designing visual aids and class materials quickly, without extensive training. CeledyDraw 2 features curve-editing features and polygon drawing tools that can be used in tandem with trim, weld, and intersect operations to create geometrically formed logos and clipart, which the company says makes the solution perfect for teaching computer art and illustration tools. The product also features new graphic design features such as contour, blend, and multicolor gradients that allow more experienced students to create complex artwork. In addition, CeledyDraw 2 includes professional drafting features such as background grids, precision scaling, rotation, mirroring, and placement transformations. Its network support keeps all workstations connected to a network, making it possible to run the program simultaneously from a single installation.

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