Cisco teams with TANDBERG for new Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) Videoconferencing Solution

Cisco Systems announced a new Cisco Internet Protocol (IP) Videoconferencing Solution for K-12 schools. The solution combines Cisco IP-based hardware and software with the Educator MXP Series product line of videoconferencing systems from New York-based TANDBERG. The combined package allows educators to easily and cost-effectively create a fully interactive distance-education classroom, Cisco said. TANDBERG’s Educator MXP Series features improved video quality with the introduction of H.264 support for high-quality video over lower bandwidth; a 50-inch, super-high resolution (SXGA) plasma screen; digital audio technology with true CD-quality sound; an expanded multipoint capability that enables up to 11 audio and video participants in a single call; and a Rear Instructor cart, monitor, and camera for constant eye contact with near and remote students, TANDBERG said.

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