Control access to wireless LANs from a single location with Roving Planet’s CSD 2.9

Roving Planet Inc. demonstrated its latest product, Central Site Director Release 2.9. The solution gives IT directors a means to control access to their school or district’s wireless local area network from a single, centralized location, such as a district server room. According to Tom Ohlsson, marketing director for Roving Planet, CSD 2.9 gives technology coordinators the power to control not only who can access the network but also what levels of access are available to individual users. Administrators, for example, might be able to access administrative files, while students might be able to access only their personal class files, Ohlsson said. CSD 2.9 also lets network administrators control public access to the network at any time, thus enabling a school to open up its network for PTA meetings and other public functions and then lock it down again during the school day, Ohlsson said. What’s more, a series of automated reports and systems alerts help technology coordinators assess overall network traffic, monitor for hardware malfunctions, and keep track of any attacks leveled against the network. Adjustable session time-outs ensure that users cannot stay connected to the network for extended periods of time. According to Ohlsson, product pricing depends of the size and scope of the installation. Roving Planet also offers training and ongoing support to help district coordinators deploy and effectively maintain the network.

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