Create high-quality video presentations with Visual Communicator Studio

Visual Communicator Studio, from Serious Magic Inc., takes do-it-yourself educational videos to the next level. Without sacrificing point-and-click simplicity, the latest version of the company’s Visual Communicator software–which allows anyone to create professional-quality video presentations with no prior video editing experience–adds features such as live video streaming, multiple camera support, and the ability to publish dynamic, video-embedded web pages. Visual Communicator Studio is ideal for educational and training-oriented videos, the company says. Unlike with previous versions of the software, video now can be streamed to the internet in real time, or to large projection screens, monitors, or televisions, without expensive hardware or complex set-ups. The latest version supports up to three cameras to capture different camera angles and incorporate interview-style formats. A full-screen teleprompter, timing markers, collapsible trays, and tighter action timing options also are included in the package. Visual Communicator Studio sells for $695. Registered users of previous versions can upgrade for a discounted price.

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