CrossTec SchoolVue

CrossTec Corp., provider of IT security information and management solutions, released its own brand of PC lab management and classroom control software under the name CrossTec SchoolVue. Using CrossTec SchoolVue, an instructor can broadcast his or her screen, multimedia files, or any student’s screen to other participants; record and playback screen sessions; monitor students as they work; carry on bidirectional text or audio conversations and lectures; create, administer, monitor, and automatically grade tests; remote control a student PC for one-on-one instruction, and much more, the company said. SchoolVue also enables a teacher to record screen sessions as a demo, or a student’s screen, and let others access it, even if they do not have SchoolVue installed on their machine. CrossTec says this option is particularly valuable for use with another new product distributed by the company, SchoolFusion. SchoolFusion allows districts, schools, and/or teachers to have custom-designed web sites and centralized calendars that are simple to manage and cost-effective, according to the company. Information such as homework assignments, PDFs, quizzes, or SchoolVue screen recordings can be updated or uploaded without the user having to know HTML.

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