Curriculum Manager lets educators build quizzes and tests correlated to district standards

Software Technology Inc. (STI) announced the release of Curriculum Manager, a new educational management system that uses assessment data and student information to help educators target learning to the individual needs of students. Edmundo Gonzalez, STI’s vice president of product management, said the goal is to provide educators with the tools they require to deliver effective remediation. “Imagine if doctors didn’t have a stethoscope to find heart murmurs and a pharmaceutical reference to write the correct prescription,” he said, drawing a parallel between the challenges often faced in the classroom and those encountered by doctors and nurses in the medical field. “This is true for many educators, who often have to evaluate and improve students’ academic health without the proper tools and direction.” Combined with STI’s Assessment tool, Curriculum Manager enables educators to build quizzes and tests correlated to district benchmarks and standards; individualize instruction with resources targeting specific student needs; share assessment data and reports with parents, as well as state and federal officials; track student progress year over year; access curriculum resources aligned with state and local standards; incorporate new resources into instruction, including teacher-created lesson plans; and produce reports to determine where more resources are necessary to improve instruction. Pricing for STI Assessment and Curriculum Manager is based on a subscription model. The programs are available separately or as a bundled solution. More information is available by calling the company or visiting the STI web site.

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