Filemaker beefs up Education Starter Kit, offers free trial

FileMaker Inc. distributed copies of its Education Starter Kit, a free bundle of five ready-to-use school database solutions for educators and administrators. The Education Starter Kit comes with a 30-day free trial of FileMaker Pro 7, the company’s flagship database solution, and the platform upon which the starter kit applications are based. FileMaker also unveiled five all-new FileMaker Pro 7-based solutions for schools, created by third-party software developers Super School Software and New Century Data: Parents As School Partners, designed to help parents be better partners at education planning meetings; Database Projects for Kids, comprising video lessons that can be accessed via the internet or on CD-ROM, student workbooks, a Teacher’s Guide for extending learning into a classroom setting, and supplemental materials, such as clip art, sound files, and add-on toolkits; Classroom Observations for School Administrators, designed to save school principals and administrators time during the classroom and school site observation and evaluation process; Classroom Observations for Teachers, which allows educators to make careful observations of students to personalize their teaching methods; and CatAndMail, which allows easy concatenation (linking) and eMailing of PDF files from within a FileMaker Pro 7-based solution.

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